Sunday, April 29, 2007

Cinnamon Dolce Berry Blast Extravaganza! (aka, good lord that thing is bad for me)

(oh-oh-oh, multiple posts, no new Star Wars ep? Bridget must be working on a paper in the library.)

Why, yes, I am, and we got kicked out of the room Again, because the University of Havana, North, seems to think that that's funny (haha, let's close reading rooms the week before finals so kids hafta wander around looking for a place to sit).

Anyway, so point is-- I like Mighty Mango, Vitamin C Explosion like Whoa Are You Sure You Can't OD on Vitamin C?, but Berry Blast is one weird flavor, the kind of strange unidentifiable soupy muddy mix that says, "If God wanted us to mix our fruits, he'd have made smoothies grow on trees." (Along with money and babies.) I shoulda bought a brownie instead.

Speaking of fattening omg things, I got a Cinnamon Dolce Frappaccino this afternoon. It was hard core. I'm not really into those things. I shoulda gotten it as a hot latte. I'm not really into Starbucks in general, but I have a giftcard. Their eggnog chai latte is quite good but is unfortunately seasonal. This Dolce thing did come with a good pile of whipped cream, and I above most am a major proponent of the overzealous application of whipped cream.


Caitlin said...

ha you and havana land

Jim said...

That was all like a different language to me, but we are both splendid, so it's all good.


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