Thursday, June 22, 2006

Dirk Wears White Sox

This was recommended to me a few posts ago-- thanks Carl! It's a great record, so grab it-- Dirk Wears White Sox - Adam and the Ants.

Original released in 1979 on Do It Records, Dirk Wears White Sox was the debut album release from Adam and the Ants and has long remained a fan favourite. In the early 1980s the rights to Dirk were acquired from Do It Records by CBS and the album has seen several re-releases over the years with tracks removed from the running order and re-recorded versions added. This expanded edition brings all of the tracks from the Do It Record's era, in their various versions together to create, for the first time, the definitive version of Dirk Wears White Sox (xxx).
Also, check out the "Stand and Deliver" vid over at Pitchfork's little video list (it's on page 1, 2nd from top) and then hop over to page 9 for the Morrissey bike tour of Manchester. You can only go if you look like him.

Rapidshare has been really slow, but I think that might be my connection? Either way, posts should be picking up again until early July, and then I'll be roadtripping for a bit, then I'll be back. And posts will be back to normal frequency when the school year starts. Thanks to whoever has kept checking back :)

Aand- grab some Biff Bang Pow! from TWILIGHTZONE! Very nice summer listening. I'll try to get some Joe Strummer up soon. Earthquake Weather was requested, so I'm trying to get that, but I've only found it on bittorrent- and I have no idea how to use that. Ha ha. . . I'll see if I can get a friend to help me with that. If anyone out there has it, I'd love to hear from you!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

New Blanche

-will not be officially released until January of next year (blame label stuff and the Racontuers). An EP may be released in October.

We are finished with the new album. The working title is Little Amber Bottles. Unfortunately, it looks like it won't come out until January 22nd. There are a plethora of reasons why, among them, record label schedules, Little Jack's Racon-touring schedule, and of course, the holidays.

But fret not too much, Friend. We will have an EP with probably 4 or 5 songs and a video that will come out in October. Blanche will indeed venture overseas for a couple of weeks of touring in the fall in support of the ep, as well as an east and west coast swing of these United States. Extensive touring will follow the release of the full album next year.

Check out the website. You can download 2 tracks and see some videos here.

New Muse

-is starting to pop up- check Bring Me the Heads or this place. (Can't guarantee all the links are still working.) I haven't gotten it yet myself.

Can get "Knights of Cydonia" here. Heard it on the radio today, right after Jonesy's Jukebox :) I'm sure kroq is playing it by now too. . . but NOT right after Jonesy. Remember when Jonesy accidently played that Depeche Mode single before he was supposed to and they had to edit it out during that day's rerun? Anyway, Gary Oldman will be on the show tomorrow.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Ellen Foley's Spirit of St Louis

Another girlfriend post, though I mean that in a good way, not in a these-women-are-only-legitimated-through-their-rockstar-boyfriends way :p
The Clash Connection
Ellen Foley is known for a number of things- for singing with Meat Loaf, for dating Mick Jones of the Clash, for Broadway and cinematic roles. She's the one on "Hitsville UK", and Wikipedia claims "Should I Stay or Should I Go" is about her and Mick's relationship. Can't verify that one, though- I know Mick has said it has nothing to do with his relationship with the Clash, though.
Foley was married to singer/guitarist Mick Jones for a time (as proven by a 'marriage license' currently in the possession of a former mutual friend of Foley and Jim Steinman), though it was never deemed an official ceremony. She can be heard on "Hitsville UK," a song on the group's Sandinista! album. All four members of The Clash appeared on her 1981 album The Spirit of St. Louis, and Jones and Joe Strummer co-wrote a number of songs as well (wikipedia).
Also, you can hear Tymon Dogg on this (Sandinista!'s "Lose This Skin" guy, later with the Mescaleros). I've seen some comments that that song and some other Sandinista! numbers (they mention the version of Career Opportunities) could have been dropped in favor of some of the Strummer-Jones tracks off of Spirit. I'm more than satisfied with Sandinista! as it is, so I don't recommend listening to Foley's work with that suggestion in mind, nor do I agree that "it could just as well [have?] been Side 1, Disc 4 of that Clash collection" (xxxx).

The Album
I do recommend it, Clash fan or not. I have to be in the right mood to sit through the whole thing and really listen to it, and if I am and when I do, it's an enjoyable listen. Ms Foley has a wonderful voice, and it's a nice record to put on in the background. However, I don't recommend buying it for $150 on amazon.
Other Clash-mates also appear, as do members of Ian Dury's backing band, the Blockheads; this impressive array of talent gives the album a unity it might otherwise lack. Jones and fellow Clash-mate Joe Strummer co-wrote six songs. The standout is "Torchlight," a duet with Foley on which Jones drops some characteristically glistening guitar. "The Shuttered Palace" and "Theatre of Cruelty" also work well, logically upholding the Sandinista! era's dense, intricate wordplay. The other Strummer/Jones efforts are less distinctive. "Salvador Dali" is little more than an impenetrable grocery list of free associations, "In the Killing Hour" is a sketchy throwaway that needed a stronger arrangement, and "M.P.H."'s bumptious pub rock is fun listening, but hardly a classic. Strummer's old busking mate, Tymon Dogg, contributes three killer tune himself: his affectionate "Beautiful Waste of Time" is the best one, bolstered by an inspired Payne sax line. (The song originally appeared on Dogg's 1976's self-released Outlaw Number One album.) Foley is less convincing on a stiff remake of "My Legionnaire," but fares better on her own propulsive original, "Phases of Travel." The sound is lush and dreamy, although a little more consistent material and less artsiness would have gone a long way. Clash fans impatient for the old three-chord thunder couldn't stifle their yawns, so the album bombed -- but the rewards are there, if you care to listen. ~ Ralph Heibutzki, All Music Guide
I think Ralph here has got it spot on on a number of comments, though "In the Killing Hour" isn't all that bad.

You can read a good review/info at Lost Bands of the New Wave Era

Ellen Foley - Spirit of St Louis

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Pearl Harbour and the Explosions

Summer has hit so the posts are going to be coming less frequently for the season- absolutely gorgeous outside. It took a winter in New York for me to appreciate SoCal's summer. I hope you guys are enjoying the nice weather (if you have it) and the longer days (if you have them). Or at least enjoying your Thursday.

Remember the comments trail game? Sure you do- when awesome people leave links in the comments. Thanks to Chromerobot (part 2 of the hip-hop mix is up!), we've got more Rancid, so follow the link to get to the link and enjoy.

Pearl Harbour & the Explosions
Been looking for something by them since reading about Pearl in Fashion is a Passion- she dated/married Clash bassist Paul Simonon. The fantastic Twilightzone! posted it today, so I grabbed Don't Follow Me I'm Lost Too this afternoon. And in terms of Clash girlfriends, I'll try to put up Spirit of St Louis within the week- I've only sat through it once, don't remember a thing, but I'm going to give it another listen and see what happens :)

take me to the TWILIGHTZONE!

Speaking of the Clash...
Grab yourself some live at Bonds International Casino from the wonderful MoogPower.

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