Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Library is L-U-V

Was gonna post another Star Wars Ep but I'm at the library and the connection isn't what you'd call speedy-mcspeedy, so just a quick post to break up the monotony of the paper I'm working on.

I'm not sure how I feel about Shepard Fairey. I like his stuff, but I hate the way Andre the Giant stencil looks. Obey is meaningless anyhow. I don't know Fairey's methods but I hope it isn't all about copying and pasting and Photoshopping. Also, I'm completely obsessive about my desktop background, which changes every other day, but this one has been in for awhile, tiled. It's pretty awesome, and it's like yay, look at all those boys &c &c but one of the best parts is a little grace note: if you look closely, "Obey" is written in a font corresponding to the artist.

Read about the print set here

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Jim said...

The Princess Bride is also excellent, so that's fine :)
The swinging elbows o' doom are humankind's best weapon against idiocy.


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