Sunday, November 26, 2006


Oh man, I had a whole post and then it went away. . . Also, I hope everybody's holiday (if applicable, and if not, at least the weekend) was fun, back to the working week I'm afraid. I went to Texas and now I have a cold, but it's all good :)

'Kay- So- since we've got Hank Sr down there and Jr over at the wonderful Gimmie Back My Head. . . here's some Hank Williams III with Lovesick Broke & Driftin.

Definitely a different sound from Jr, more of a return to Sr, if only because III sounds uncannily like his grandfather.
While the third-generation rebel strives mightily to find his own sound by wedding the spooky, old-style country blues and dark themes of his grandfather (Hank Sr.) to the Southern rock and boogie of his dad (Hank Jr.), at times he's guilty of trying too hard to buck Nashville ("Trashville") and re-create the misery of the Williams family tradition. Song after song packs danger and despair between the lines, in drinking to kill the pain, in wallowing in depression, in walking the "low road" of life. That said, III knows how to conjure a gutbucket rhythm ("7 Months and 39 Days") as well as a mournful tearjerker ("5 Shots of Whiskey"), and his touring band keeps things spare, raw, and honkin'. Not everything comes together, but there's no doubting this is a fascinating snapshot of a magical performer struggling to make his own legend. ( review)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Hank Williams

You're about to read something sad- this is the only Hank I've got on my computer, so donations will be enthusiastically and gratefully greeted :)

Here are nine outstanding tracks from the man himself. Fantastic songs, wonderful if brief collection, this is one of the first albums I remember hearing. . . I think. . .

The Hits - Vol 1

1. Hey, Good Lookin'
2. Jambalaya (On the Bayou)
3. Move It on Over
4. Long Gone Lonesome Blues
5. Settin' the Woods on Fire
6. Honky Tonk Blues
7. Why Don't You Love Me (Like You Used to Do)?
8. I Saw the Light
9. Lovesick Blues

Buy it (used for 2$).

Many thanks for C for sending this too me.

For those it applies to, have a fantastic holiday. I'm off to Texas for bbq.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Ocarina of Time - Hyrule Symphony

Ok, first, I am not buying a Nintendo Wii. As if that will help my image now that I'm posting this :)

My friend gave this to me yesterday, and it's great listening for writing a paper to, except that it makes you want to play Ocarina of Time. This album runs through Koji Kondo's major Ocarina themes (Kokiri Forest, Lon Lon Ranch, Title Screen, Hyrule Castle, Hyrule Field, Gerudo Valley, others), but now it's in an orchestration from the Hyrule Symphony. This will probably only appeal to those geeky Zelda fans, but I can catiously recommend it to people who are still going Ocarina whaaa-? just cos it's pretty.
Because the pieces are closely based on the original scoring, there isn't much drama or story to the songs- keep in mind that these are background themes that are played over and over as long as you are stuck in one location. Still, the music is lovely, and the easily recognizable themes are set into full, though simple, pieces.

ha hah. ok, we're stopping that right now.
Tracklist in comments.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Cats Not Dogs

Described as "heavily influenced by punk music, the stooges particularily." Check out their myspace and homepage and then grab some of their music! Fun swagger to their music, Stooges influence definitely present.

20th Century Masters (newest EP)

Trade Secrets Demo EP

(I can post them as one upload, if anybody wants.)

If you find that you're really liking the music, they request that you- "Pass this on to anyone you think would like it. burn thousands of copies if you want. GIVE IT AWAY."

Official Bio reads:
Piss and vinegar rock and roll out of Madison, Wisconsin. It will burn the skin off your face. We have shared stages with Metric, The Kills, Los Straitjackets, The Shocker, The Paybacks, The Fever, The Bamboo Kids, The Heroin Sheiks, Rockit Girl, The Impossible Shapes, and too many other amazing bands for us to count. Our influences include but are not limited to: urinary tract infections, cigarette butts, greyhound racing, sickle-cell anemia, and anything else that will piss off the comfortable living style of Americans. The scene in Madison is dead, we like it that way, because it makes us look better. We have toured the Midwest more times than we say "the" in this bio. We have toured the East Coast twice with incredible crowd response and sales. Slept in our van too many nights to count. Last June we rocked the North by North-East Festival in Toronto, Canada. Got hassled by the man at the border, slept in the van some more, made some "friends" and then we got the hell out of dodge. We have independently released three records: two EPs and an LP. Our LP is played on radio everywhere. We are the real deal. Soon we will have to run a re-press and re-stock of our newly released EP, 20th Century Masters because they sell faster than your favorite record. Rock N Roll is not dead, it's just hibernating in a nice warm placental sac.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

He's the - he's the dopest trip

"He asked for a 13 but they drew a 31"

Here's the Offspring's Greatest Hits. I ended up with the album the other day after one of those fun night where we all were looking for/lisnin to/singin along to music from back in the day. . . Maybe there's something to be said in that they were one of those bands you really liked in high school, and now there's a nostalgia element, but listening to it now-- truly enjoyable music :p I was going to say something like "Remember the Offspring?" but I guess they're still putting out music- now I feel bad. But you know how it is. Have fun with this one :)

It's of course a crime that "Bad Habit" isn't on here.

[edit] Grab "Bad Habit" here!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Okaay kids. Filling out some reqs.

First, some John Lee Hooker is posted up at 360Grauss. I'll put the link/pw below because you have to scroll through a fairly lengthy post, but make sure to go visit the blog, because it has a lot of great stuff, including a ton of other blues recordings. Unfortunately, the tracks are all unlabeled. I think it's this album, but I'll see what I can do about all that. Zip, Badongo.
Link; Link para download>OBS: Usar senha:

I'll get some PiL up in the next week, for now, you can still head over to PunchDrunk for lots of PiL, looks like the links were re-upped.

And, from my sister-- "can you (or anyone else) think of a song that is scornful of love. I have a dumb PowPow/BP assignment that I am really stoked about-- make a soundtrack for the whinny Chaucer poem Troilus and Crysede... any suggestions would be appreciated"

(PowPow/BP is the name of the teacher of the class. Ha ha. I hadn't heard that first part before.)

Toy Dolls

So hop on over here for a ton of music- including tons of live Clash (some dead links, I'll try to sort through them) and more Vandals than you can shake a stick at.

And grab the best of the Toy Dolls, which will be my specific recommendation for this Tuesday. Even though it totally doesn't have the asthma song on it. . .

The Best of the Toy Dolls

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