Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Smiths - A Bootleg

from rbally.

Enjoy and tell them Thanks!

"Comprised of demos, live recordings, etc."

rbally is also offering 3 live Dresden Doll tracks. Check it out.

one of the best albums like ever

What's up Los Angeles?

These immortal words start off Rage Against the Machine's Live at the Grand, an outstanding live album that you can't help but play really loud not so much as to piss your suitemates off but to pretend You. Are. Really. There. (Though I heard about some 2x4 enhanced moshing at one of those. . . ) Zack, Tom, Tim, and Brad take us through a charged, riduculously good performace, and the recording quality is excellent (unlike -sorry, Flogging Molly- Behind the Green Door, for example).

Live at the Grand marks the end of Rage; Zack went off for his solo career and to be spotted at a Knicks game, and the rest of the boys joined up with Soundgarden's Chris to form Audioslave.

I have unfortunately not seen the DVD, though a friend recommended it to me on several occasions, citing Zack's passionate performance as amazing. So if anyone has comments on the DVD, speak up, because as much as I want to see it, it doesn't look like it will be happening soon. I can tell from listening that Zack gets a great response from the audience; I can feel his charisma from my fucking stereo, and he lets the audience sing to him, then joins. What a nice young man.

I strongly encourage you to buy this album. It's easy to listen to over and over and over and over again without tiring, unless it be from singing along and jumping up and down and trying to pretend to be Zack or Tom. I know you do that in your car, but think about it, is air guitaring on the 2 really a good idea? (So don't buy it if you think you'll become the terror of the LA Fwy system.)

Part I & Part II

Thanks for stopping by. Comments always appreciated. :)

Monday, February 27, 2006

Misc Links

Be good kids and Say Thank You to the nice people over at those blogs! :)

Plus, following up on the Pistols-Hall of Fame mess, Jim from the fabulous Bring Me the Heads had a very good point, which I quite appreciated:
Wouldn't the shocking, unexpected, punk thing to do be to *accept* the invite? Go the whole hog, turn up at the ceremony in nice suits and behave impeccably. That would be a surprise, Lydon's petulant response is completely predictable.

I, for one, would love to see that, and would be proud, rather than embarassed by/for Mr Lydon, as I am becoming.

1 Misfits, 2 Propagandhi

Misfits (1)

Today's Empire, Tommorow's Ashes [2000]

Sunday, February 26, 2006

No Breaks

Nobody is Giving the Green Day Boys a Break!
"Buzzcocks guitarist Steve Diggle is concerned bands including Green Day fail to see the true point of punk - which is rejecting the past and creating something new.
The Ever Fallen In Love? Rocker is flattered the American rockers cite him and his contemporaries The Clash and the Sex Pistols as an influence.
But he'd prefer it if they acted like real punks and stopped trying to "ape" their heroes.
He says: "They're alright. They're nice guys, and I think it's a compliment they are inspired by us.
"But they are a watered down version of the original.
"The Buzzcocks, the Pistols and The Clash, we all developed something of our own instead of apeing people from before.""
Clever attempt to get publicity before the new record drops?

I have a Buzzcocks poster on my wall, this blog is named after a Buzzcocks song, so I'm going to say NO. Or I'll feel like a little traitor. But I'm getting sick of all this interband drama.

Last year, the Green Day boys, excited to meet Diggle, were told by him that he had no idea who they were.

PS. Anybody got a working link for the new album, Flat Pack Philosophy?

(Joy Division) = Warsaw

Warsaw by Warsaw [rapidshare]
1. Drawback
2. Leaders of Men
3. They Walked in Line
4. Failures
5. Novelty
6. No Love Lost
7. Transmission
8. Living in the Ice Age
9. Interzone
10. Warsaw
11. Shadowplay
12. As You Said
13. Inside the Line [*]
14. Gutz [*]
15. At a Later Date [*]
16. Kill [*]
17. You're No Good for Me

Product Description: 1994 reissue of compilation of early recordings from 1977 by Warsaw, an early moniker for the Mancunian act Joy Division.This pressing features 17 raw, but respectable cuts, including five bonus tracks: 'Inside The Line', 'At A Later Date', 'Gutz', 'The Kill' and 'You're No Good For Me'. Others include 'Failures', 'Leaders Of Men', 'They Walked InLine', 'Novelty', 'No Love Lost', 'Transmission', 'Living InThe Ice Age', 'Interzone', 'Warsaw' and 'Shadowplay'.

"Tracks 1 to 11 recorded in May 1978 at Arrow Studios, Manchester. > Track 12 recorded in March 1980 at Britannia Row Studios, Islington, London.
Tracks 13 to 17 recorded in July 1977 at Pennine Sound Studios, Oldham.

Originally released in 1995, this has been available in legitimate music stores in the UK since early 1997. The CD contains the previously unreleased first album, with the Warsaw Demo as "bonus tracks". "

Punkier, rawer sound before they became Joy Division.

Don Knotts

Saturday, February 25, 2006

You Dirty Old Man!

Well, in honor (?) of the latest Pistols surprise (see next post down), here's the infamous Bill Grundy Interview.

Kiss This?

Johnny Rotten and the Pistols Say No to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

"Britain's most infamous punk rabble rousers are giving the big middle finger to the music industry types who've tapped the band for enshrinement in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, issuing a grammatically impaired open letter saying they have no intention of attending the induction ceremony scheduled for Mar. 13 at New York's Waldorf Astoria Hotel."

Big Note


the Lashes

The Lashes: They aren't anything new, they're disposable, fun, bubblegum power pop. So don't take it too seriously. The album is a fun listen, lively and catchy and easy to dance to. They may be manufactured or whatever, but wouldn't you rather listen to fun, manufactured power pop than obscure boring manufactured hipster stuff? Sure, they say We Love Girls, which really means they only like Hot Girls and we girls should definitely NOT trust them, but it's all in good fun. Don't think too hard.

You might remember that I posted a link to their album awhile ago. Don't know if it's still working. . .

Check out this Interview from McBoozo:

"We love catchy love songs. What's great about a catchy love song is that Britney Spears can do it and Bary Manilow can do it. It's the closest a song can get to perfect. As far as bands, we love old stuff the Ramones, Cheap Trick, The Raspberries and newer pop music that you just know is good when you hear it on the radio and you're just like singing it for the next month." [full text]

>> (if I get any requests and the old link isn't working, I may post the album - see the clever attempt to get comments) In the meantime, Buy It.

James Blunt

Since we're on this Girly Roll.

I posted a dir. for the album but my sister pointed out that the Third Track was not there. For some reason. So after quite a bit of searching, here you go:

Also, you can download a song off of Mr Blunt's website here. A studio demo, "Out of My Mind."

And since we're being Girly and Fun and all that shit-- Sorry Boys-- I have to put in that I'm glad he got rid of the facial hair. He looks like Jesus, which is just weird. And he's oh-so-cute clean shaven.

And here's a nice little photo diary... And the Archives, including what might be a Streets reference or just might how everyone from Britain wanders around talking like all the time. And a funny little bio.

OK OK. I'm done. Back to the Exploited. Let's Go!! Put on your game face! Let's kill some bitches. Aaargh.

Kinky Boots

This looks like a fun movie.

"Inspired by the true story of a traditional English men's footwear factory in Northamptonshire which turned to production of kinky boots for transvestites in order to save the ailing family business and safeguard the jobs of the local community."


Joel Edgerton is adorable.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Just When You Thought You were Safe

You thought we'd actually go a week without a Social D post.

Boy were you wrong.

Because the fantastic Weapon of Sound has 2 for you, Prison Bound and When the Angels sing EP.

When the Angels Sing EP [1996]:

When the Angels Sing
Shame on Me
Lonesome Train
Ring of Fire
Alone and Forsaken

What we see here is Social D, as always, edging more and more towards rockabilly, roots, cowpunk, and all that other good stuff. When the Angels Sing is gorgeous, a beautiful, poignant invocation of Mike's faith, and can be found on White Light, White Heat, White Trash. I realize some people prefer the harder Orange County punk sound that Social D helps to define in Mommy's Little Monster, but even on that album, the influences are still there. It really depends on your preferences and how you define punk; seriously, to each his own. I think I've reached the happy state where I just love it all. (I am consumed by love for Social D. I wore a Social D shirt yesterday, in fact.) And a lot of people do love it all. Social D are equally comfortable playing "The Creeps" as they are playing something off of Sex, Love, and Rock n Roll. It isn't so much an argument over how punk they are. It's an acknowledgement of their ability to still provide mind-blowingly kickass and beautiful music.

Mike Ness: I’ve always described Social Distortion as starting out as a punk band but along the way we grabbed everything we could from American roots music and incorporated it into our sound because I saw a connection from that kind of music through punk…being working class music. And music being of rebellion and revolution, I saw the connection of punk music going all the way back to the 20’s-the depression era, blues, jazz, rockabilly, country…all that stuff. In other words, I grew up with the Beatles and the Stones and then I heard the Pistols.

The EP-
Lonesome Train is, I think, a cover of a Johnny T Talley song from the 1950s. We've got Alone and Forsaken from the great Hank Williams, Shame on Me is a JJ Cale song, and Ring of Fire is, of course, a Cash-Carter song. They're all great performances, and you're probably familiar with the Ring of Fire cover, which Mike cheerfully enhances at Live at the Roxy (an excellent live record) with, "Let it burn, motherfucker!"

Enjoy and make sure to tell WoS thank you!

Mike Ness Interview

If you haven't figured it out, I absolutely adore Social D.

This is a pretty good Mike Ness interview.
"As a co-founding member of Social Distortion in the late 70’s punk explosion in Los Angeles, Mike Ness has evolved into one of punk music’s most recognized and respected musicians and songwriters. Born in Stoneham, Massachusetts and raised in Orange County, California , the lead singer and guitarist for Social Distortion has always held American folk and blues roots music in high regard. Social Distortion's trademark ( ferocious punk cords and aggressive playing style) are infused with thought provoking introspective lyrics, Influenced as much from Johnny Cash and Hank Williams as Joe Strummer and Sid Vicious. . ." [full text-- corrected link]
And my editorial: I think they should have said Johnny Rotten rather than Sid. If they're trying to use the boy to represent the band, it should definitely be Johnny. Mr Strummer is a different matter. Joe's later music is certainly closer to Social D than Mick's later stuff, though it's ALL good and I recommend both BAD and JS & the Mescaleros. Also, I'm pretty sure Social D is considered part of the Orange County punk explosion, and LA and OC do like to consider themselves different from the other.

In other news. . .
February 13, 2006
In case you've heard anything in the rumor mill about Mike Ness breaking his wrist then we're confirming that this is true. Never the less, the show must go on and Mike has reached out to friend Ron Emory of T.S.O.L. to step in and help out on guitar for this tour. We’re excited to have Ron on board and we look forward to seeing all of you real soon!!!"

This tour's been plagued by problems. Sick, cancelled/rescheduled A LOT of LA shows, and there were A LOT of LA shows in the first place. Hope it's a speedy recovery. At least the singing is still going, but it's a lot of fun to watch Mike play. And Johnny. I saw him by the bathroom. That's my Social D story. He's short.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Hand that Feeds Again and Again. . .

Nine Inch Nails - The Hand That Feeds [Photek Remixes]

The Hand That Feeds (Album Version)
The Hand That Feeds (Straight Mix by Photek)
The Hand That Feeds (Dub Mix by Photek)
The Hand That Feeds (Ruff Mix)

will YOU bite the hand that feeds you?

(I haven't downloaded or listened to these yet but figured I'd post the link.)

Indestructible Rancid


Amazon says. . .
Where Rancid's eponymous 2000 album saw the band attempting to re-seize the moral high ground by aping the hardcore sound of the early 1980s, Indestructible is a return to the eclectic mix of their own breakthrough album And Out Come the Wolves. Thus "Red Hot Moon" and "Memphis" are melancholy, Clash-inspired grooves, "Arrested in Shanghai" and "Back Up Against the Wall" are melodic pop rock, while "Out of Control" and "Born Frustrated" are screaming punk assaults. Their politics, naturally, remain sound, as evinced by "Ivory Coast" and the anti-violence anthem "Spirit of '87"."

Goldfinger, Best of

Goldfinger - Best of Goldfinger (2005)

1. Here In Your Bedroom
2. Mable
3. Miles Away
4. Superman
5. If Only
6. This Lonely Place
7. Just Like Heaven
8. Counting The Days
9. San Simeon
10. 99 Red Balloons
11. Tell Me
12. Open Your Eyes
13. Spokesman
14. The Innocent
15. Vintage Queen
16. Hopeless
17. Rio

clicky for rapidshare
password: neutek.net

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sex Pistols Live

Live at Chelmsford Prison from Modern Music

The Vandals = Happiness

What could possibly make you happier than 3 Vandals albums?

Vandals! Vandals! Vandals!

& don't forget to say Thank You x3.

ps. i adore the vandals.
pps. listen to joe escalante's radio show!
ppps. go to the link and hear Jonesy sing an ode to Joe. ("Joe Escalante, he knows my auntie." Oh Jonesy.)

ppps. screw it. Right click & Save the Song here. Because you LOVE Jonesy, Barely Legal, and Joe.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

more Rancid

Life Won't Wait

>>Crane Fist is a really Cool Song.

Amazon.com cuz if you Like it Buy it
Life Won't Wait bursts with a thrilling ambition. On Rancid's past albums, these Clash-via-Cali punks came on with an invigorating twin guitar attack that sounded like it wanted to take over the world--to set it free!--and their fourth release continues in this radical vein, insisting that "all people must rise and decide your fate." But there's newfound ambition in the music, too, as the band's raging attack is supplemented now by new sounds (rocksteady and rockabilly, even doo-wop and soul), new musical textures (the exhilarating "Crane Fist" features a piano battling a B3 organ), and new sources of inspiration, as the boys shout out for Salvadoran immigrants and brag like rappers in anthem after anthem of urgent, beautiful poetry. --David Cantwell

Young Indy? Lost in his own Museum?

I'm a huge fan of the Young Indy Chronicles. I'm a huge Indy fan in the first place. He really did make me want to become an archaeologist. I'm over it now. Anyway, Young Indy: Not only have they taught me a lot about, like, history, they're fun to watch and amazingly well-made. It feels like a separate series from the original, classic Big Three, so it's necessary to not try to make connections and try to compensate. Instead, enjoy the Young Indy series as a different entity, a line of well-made historical adventures that go take us from pre-WWI to during the war and beyond. Sean Patrick Flannery is a great actor, and the plots and characters are always fun. It really is surprising that such an excellent series was made; whuddathunk. . .

So on to the "news."

A long time ago, everyone's favorite dude Rick McCallum said they were working on a
Young Indy DVD series. But, but-- Where is it? The article is dated. . . late 2002. He says it'll take 3-4 years. I'd say the time is up. Where are my DVDs?!

Article 1
Aritcle 2
I think [Indiana Jones 4] will be 2005. We're going ahead with the Young Indiana Jones DVDs; we are so committed to those. Even though the series wasn't a major hit here, it was a huge hit in the rest of the world. It's such a great opportunity, because what we're going to try to do is produce historical documentaries about each of the historical characters. It's a way of giving it to a school and saying, "Look, we know how hard it is to teach children. Try and use this as a tool. Let them see something that is fun for them and easy for them to watch." Hopefully, they can pick something that they can start to learn and watch another documentaries about the person and start to see them in the historical time.
Well, considering how Wrong he is about Indy 4 (mixed feelings about an Indy 4). . . We'll see. Have patience, my young Padawan.

Watch Night Watch in 2.5 Minutes!

I just took a teeny study break and quickly watched Night Watch.
You, too, can see it.
In just a few minutes.
Though I wouldn't recommend doing so if you plan on actually seeing the movie.
A very interesting idea for a trailer, though chock full of spoilers, if you can catch them in lightning-fast mode.
Now, back to work. I have 7 more pages to go.

Secret Machines

Dropkick Murphys - 2 EPs

they make me smile. i'm still debating whether i should go see them in march. after blowing all my money on the pogues show.

Bring Me The Heads: Dropkick Murphys - EPs
& don't forget to tell the nice man other there thank you.

Monday, February 20, 2006

X-Ray Spex

X-Ray Spex - Germ Free Adolescents

Poly Styrene's voice is amazing, and Oh Bondage Up Yours!, the last track, is immortal. Check it out.

From Wikipedia:
X-Ray Spex were a UK punk band formed in 1976. The band featured singer Poly Styrene (born Marion Elliot) on vocals, Jak Airport (Jack Stafford) on guitars, Paul Dean on bass, Paul 'B. P.' Hurding on Drums, and Lora Logic (born Susan Whitby) on saxophone. This latter instrument was an atypical addition to the standard punk instrumental line-up, and became one of the group's most distinctive features.

X-Ray Spex's other distinctive musical element was Poly Styrene's voice, which has been variously described as "effervescently discordant" and "powerful enough to drill holes through sheet metal".
01. The Day the World Turned Day-Glo - Styrene - 2:50
02. Obsessed With You - Styrene - 2:26
03. Genetic Engineering - Styrene - 2:46
04. Identity - Styrene - 2:21
05. I Live off You - Styrene - 2:06
06. Germ Free Adolescents - Styrene - 3:10
07. Art-I-Ficial - Styrene - 3:21
08. Let's Submerge - Styrene - 3:23
09. Warrior in Woolworths - Styrene - 3:03
10. I Am a Poseur - Styrene - 2:30
11. I Can't Do Anything - Styrene - 2:55
12. Highly Inflammable - Styrene - 2:32
13. Age - Styrene - 2:36
14. Plastic Bag - Styrene - 4:51
15. I Am a Cliche - Styrene - 1:52
16. Oh Bondage, Up Yours! - Styrene

Up Yours!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Glen Matlock on Green Day

Matlock Defends Green Day

Former SEX PISTOL GLEN MATLOCK has stuck up for punk proteges GREEN DAY, after his ex-bandmate JOHN LYDON dubbed them "a w**k outfit".

Lydon - also known as JOHNNY ROTTEN - claimed the band had stolen the term punk and reduced a political movement into a simple musical style.

But Matlock insists the most important thing is they entertain.

The bassist says, "I think they are just doing what bands do. When Green Day first came out I thought it was kind of funny that there was this Californian band doing this very English sound.

"But I went to see Green Day with my son, who's a fan, and it was very impressive."

but then again, Johnny has never really liked Glen. Including organizing Glen's leaving of the band. Ack. Musicians. Jeez.

I know. . .

. . . that this is the song you sing in the shower when you think nobody is around.

clicky. happy Sunday. :)

The Replacements


01 Banditos
02 Interstate
03 Nada
04 On the Cover of Rolling Stone
05 Stuck in the Middle with You
06 Wanted
07 Down Together
08 Jenny
09 Insider
10 Mekong
11 Take The Skinheads Bowling


Classical music is good for your brain

and it makes your babies smart too.

Wikipedia is offering Free Classical Music, all in .ogg. (I use WavePad to covert to mp3.) They've got the usual (Mozart, Handel, Bach) and then some. I grabbed a Sibelius song among other things, and they also have a couple of Holst's planet suites, which I highly recommend.
hit me up with really really old "pop" music!


It was Open Request Friday over at Incoherent Ramblings, so go harass the nice kid over there. And say Thank You. Hopefully it's not too late.
Incoherent Ramblings from a Confused Frenchman: Open Request Friday!

Pedro Gonzalez-Gonzalez

Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez, 80, Film and TV Character Actor, Dies

"Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez, the high-spirited character actor and comedic entertainer who became one of the few recognizable Mexican-American movie and television performers in the 1950's and 60's, died on Feb. 6 at his home here. He was 80." X

LATimes Obit

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Nochnoi Dozor

Night Watch, the big Russian hit that broke like alll records, was picked up by 20th Century Fox and given subtitles. It was released (limited) yesterday, and I took the 6 down to St Mark's and then walked to Houston and 2nd ish just in time for the 430pm show. I have absolutely no energy or time to write a review, so I'll just throw in some rottentomatoes links and let you go at it. Though I was confused a lot, I can't wait for the 2nd installment or for the English translation of the original novel to be released in the US.

It's fun, stylish, dark. It feels like a film based on a book, which I don't mind at all; rather than frustrate me with unexplained details, it makes me want to read the book and get the whole story. It has a natural progression rather than a rising action-climax-denouenment straight up formula, and also has a pretty Whoa There ending. The movie is sped-up and remixed during the credits, very fun to watch, and the Subtitles are fascinating: they dissolve, they grow big, they appear as dialogue is said. I'm very pleased that it was decided to keep the movie in Russian and not dub it. The main character, Anton, is easy to become attached to, and there are some great conflict moments of Anton and his Dark Other friend, underscoring the message that things aren't just Black & White like they may have been back in the day. Instead, it's modern and it's complicated, and thoroughly enjoyable. Sit back enjoy-- just don't try to understand the plot. And I mean that in a good way.

Positive Reviews:

Negative Reviews:


so after our sorta punked-out Friday night, I give you a poem and some sexy, sexy Muse (see below post) courtesy of Modern Music.

one of my favorite poems:
Langston Hughes' A Dream Deferred

What happens to a dream deferred?

Does it dry up
like a raisin in the sun?
Or fester like a sore--
And then run?
Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over--
like a syrupy sweet?

Maybe it just sags
like a heavy load.

Or does it explode?

Sexy Sexy Band

Muse is sexy.

Modern Music: Muse - Absolution

(dir) & tell Modern Music Thank You (and ask them to repost the new Buzzcocks)

Friday, February 17, 2006

Exploited - Punks Not Dead

I guess this is before the thrash started creeping in--? Anyway, check out these boys' from Edinburgh's first album from 1981. Fun for the whole family. Even grandma.

Punks Not Dead

. . . And Out Come the Wolves

Rancid - . . . And Out Come the Wolves

"...And Out Come the Wolves is an album by the punk rock band Rancid, released in August of 1995 (see 1995 in music). Released soon after the breakthrough success of The Offspring, Rancid's cult popularity and catchy songs made them the subject of a major label bidding war that resulted in the band sticking with their indie, Epitaph Records. With a sound heavily influenced by ska, which called to mind Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman's past in cult legends Operation Ivy, Rancid became one of the few bands of the mid- to late-1990s boom in pop punk to retain much of its original fanbase." (from wikipedia).

Thursday, February 16, 2006

the Streets

new streets track? ok!

FLUXBLOG: Sometimes Shame Can Be Fun
& tell the lovely man there Thank You

daily Social D fix

"Story Of My Life"
A sentimental one. Your intentions are good, but you're just shit outta luck. All you can do is watch everything fall apart. Always a day late and a dollar short. Sorry, dude...
What early 90's Social Distortion Song Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Social Distortion - Story of My Life

Heard Em Say

Nice little song from Kanye (L) featuring that guy from Maroon 5 (R). The music video is adorable.

+ I'm looking for track 3, Wisemen, off of the James Blunt album Back to Bedlam. Anyone have it? The link I posted the other day doesn't seem to include it. Thanks!

because there's no such thing as too much t.rex

Electric Mud: T.REX - The Slider

Don't forget to tell the man there thank you.

Ozomatli+Los Angeles = you are too Hot

Great group. Brings you to directories. Ozomatli and Embrace the Chaos. If you like, buy.

Ozomatli shows "a masterful command of a palette of musical styles, a firm commitment to social activism, and an unending devotion to the power of rhythm. Like the L.A. landscape from which the group emerged, Ozo's music is a polyglot of cultures" & "Multiculti Los Angeles-based 10-piece Ozomatli is more than the sum of their parts: hip-hop, salsa, and funk crash head-on in this surprisingly natural collaboration. Their self-titled debut makes Ozomatli sound like one of the world's great live shows--a party band with a brain--and they pull it off deftly" (amazon).

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Modern Music: The Clash - Full Discography

the ENTIRE discography.

(even cut the crap.)

Modern Music: The Clash - Full Discography

Johnny Cash @ Incoherent Ramblings

Incoherent Ramblings from a Confused Frenchman: Classic Cash

Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros + more Punk

@ Regnyouth
Oh don't we all want to marry Regnyouth.

Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros - Streetcore

& 12 Punk bands -
Agent Orange, The Casualties, The Damned, The Dead Boys, The Dickies, The Dwarves, Lars Fredrickson and the Bastards, Groovie Ghoulies, Horrorpops, Lunachicks, New Bomb Turks, Dee Dee Ramone & The Chinese Dragons

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

the Smiths & the Damned

look at those pretty flowers.

The Smiths - Self-titled
pick your sin:

Damned - Anything (zip @ Turboupload)
a little different from the other stuff; by the way, it's 80$ on amazon.

Billy Idol for the Holidays

Billy Idol-Greatest Hits (2001)

1.Dancing With Myself - (with Generation X)
2.Mony Mony - (alternate take)
3.Hot In The City
4.White Wedding (Part I)
5.Rebel Yell
6.Eyes Without A Face
7.Flesh For Fantasy
8.Catch My Fall
9.To Be A Lover
10.Don't Need A Gun - (single edit)
11.Sweet Sixteen
12.Cradle Of Love
13.L.A. Woman - (single edit)
14.Shock To The System
15.Rebel Yell - (live, acoustic version)
16.Don't You (Forget About Me) - (previously unreleased)

Billy Idol called, he wants his hair back.

rar password:ghost

Happy Valentine's Day! (mix)


1. Fille Atomique - Nous Non Plus
2. Louis XIV - Louis XIV
3. Caught Up - Usher
4. Get a Room - the Vandals
5. Sleeping Aides and Razorblades - Exploding Hearts
6. The World Needs More Love Letters - the Lashes
7. Teenage Kicks - Undertones
8. Should I Stay or Should I Go - the Clash
9. Just Like Heaven - the Cure
10. Gamble Everything for Love - Ben Lee
11. You're Beautiful - James Blunt
12. Melt With You - Nouvelle Vague
13. 99 Red Balloons - Goldfinger

valentine's day is on a tuesday this year.

Monday, February 13, 2006

never enough mike

interviewing people from the Orange County scene. Vh1 did.
here are excerpts:
(hi. i can't form sentences right now. now can't right sentences form i.)

Mike: When I was five I felt a need to escape. Music provided that for me. It made everything all right. I grew up with your basic Beatles and Stones [records] long before I ever heard the Sex Pistols. I wasn't on the varsity football team and had no interest in that. I wanted to play music and do cool things.

Mike: [What happened in] the late '70s was the same thing as what happened in the '50s. You got youth culture being fed stuff by their parents and society. Every now and then, there's an uprising. We were not settling for mediocrity. There was a commercial for Miller's Outpost that used to tell you, "Be a star! Shop at Miller's Outpost." We all thought, "F*ck this! We're not gonna be told by anyone what to do." You can shut up and be a puppet or get off your ass and change it. That's what we set out to do.

Mike: There was a band called the Mechanics from Fullerton who never did anything cause they were so far ahead of their time. I think probably out of all the bands, they influenced me the most. Had I grown up anywhere else, I wouldn't have been surrounded by that kind of musical community. There was the Mechanics, the Adolescents, Agent Orange, T.S.O.L. and my band Social Distortion. We were all looking at each other and without copying each other, thinking, "Wow, that guy plays guitar pretty good." You were feeding off each other in a positive, competitive way.

Mike: In 1979 being a punk rocker in the streets of Orange County was dangerous. We would go to the Cuckoo's Nest, find a place to drink in the alleys or the industrial parks and these guys' masculinity was threatened by our mere presence. The Cuckoo's Nest was an Orange County club. It was very easy to get in if you were under age. Right next door there was a cowboy bar and these guys would come out at two in the morning right when the punk rockers were getting out. It was like, "Hey, I don't like you." "Hey, I don't like you." It was very volatile. If you walked down the street in 1979 with a leather jacket, black shoes and colored hair, just to the liquor store, chances were you're gonna get into an altercation. I was trying to look like Bela Lugosi. Your average family would pull their kid away when I was walking down the street. A lot of us were from broken homes, so we had a lot of rage inside. It was the difference between me and the guy who was the quarterback for the football team who shaved his head and after three beers gets all macho and wants to wrestle.

Mike: There was a public alarm about kids supposedly slashing swastikas in their arms and vandalizing things, and I remember an organization called Parents of Punkers on these talk shows. This was fueling us. If you want to start a band, just turn on your TV. On one channel you’ve got Phil Collins, who makes you want to kick in your television. On the other channel you’ve got this Parents of Punkers stuff. They thought it was satanic, and they were really trying to save these kids. Some of those kids were messed up. I was in jails and psychiatric wards, but I admired these kids who dressed in black and listened to punk rock but during the daytime went to UC Irvine; they had their lives together. For me it was a real lifestyle that almost killed me, and killed some of my friends.

Murphy: Bands like Social Distortion set the tone for great rock to come from Orange County. I saw them at UCI and watched them from the side of the pit like a scared little child going, “Oh my god this is bitchin’!”

Mike: It’s very surprising when you see a new band doing stuff that you and your friends have been doing for 10 or 20 years suddenly “make it.” After Nirvana broke, the whole music scene changed completely. All of a sudden 20 years later, the masses decided that punk rock was okay after all.

Mike: Korn represents their circle, Sugar Ray represents their circle, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the same as what we are. I imagine there are Sugar Ray fans who like Social D and vice versa. But I’m in Social D, so I don’t know.

Mike: I love Orange County but it’s a love-hate thing. I love to go down to the beach and go surfing but every now and again, I’m reminded about where I live. Go one mile south and you’re in gangland. Go four miles south and you’re in Irvine. I need stuff to be discontented with. That’s how I write songs. There’s still plenty of it left in Orange County, believe me.

the prize for getting to the end is. . . The Creeps - Social Distortion

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