Monday, December 13, 2004

Info vital to the survival of the rebellion is in the memory systems of this R2 unit

*Seriously cribbed from the ultra-fabulous iharthdarth.

Dear Pretty Girls & Pretty Boys,

The files posted here are for sampling purposes only and should be deleted within 42 hours. If you find something you like, do consider purchasing it, especially if it means supporting the artist. If you find something objectionable, please leave an explanatory comment in the most recent post and the file will be taken down.

We love the pretty boys & pretty girls who stop by here more than Johnny Rotten loves his beautiful self, so many, many thanks for taking the time to look around, and always, thank you taking the time to comment. Which brings us to number 3.

Like all strong, modern women, we here at NA crave Validation and Attention, so leave comments, comments, comments ! ! ! Because if you don't, I will be that girl in her pajamas in line at the super market with a a carton of ice cream, a pack of bologna, and three cans of Reddi-Whip wondering why nobody loves her.

And we do take requests. If a comment, question, or request goes unanswered, feel free to leave it again in the latest post. Actually, I recommend heading straight to the latest post with the requests, as I don't get notified when comments are left.

p.s. Best viewed in Mozilla Firefox. I'm not sure why.

p.p.s. If you're thinking, oh my god, why does she keep talking, you can skip straight to music posts with this available files link. Handy! Labeling is in progress. The label does not indicate that the file is working. If you'd like something re-upped, give us a holler in the latest post and we'll get to it asap :]


Friday, January 23, 2004

new vital info.

I'm sorry to say that requests are closed for the time being. I got a few too many notices re: digital copyright for my taste. It was a little strange because not all the complaints were, I think, legitimate. However, the fact remains that there are other links up and I don't think it would be a good idea to contest anything. I am thankful, again, that Blogspot & Google have stopped completely eradicating the post-- I am here because I like to write. Being able to physically spread my love of music in the form of files was a pleasurable icing on the cake.

I am also hesitant to link to actual files on individual sites because somebody clearly filed these complaints and I don't want to leave a trail that will do damage to someone else. I will continue to do my best, though, to make music available in some form.

I will not be taking down any files or links unless requested to do so -- and it has always been my policy to respond promptly to such requests-- so it is worth it to see if the files are still up. They oftentimes are. It is also relatively easy to search for the files online. There are many guides on how to do that. Some pointers-- just be careful and use common sense. Some people out there suck. Other people are really fucking awesome, and if you are able to, I would recommend patronizing other music blogs and I urge you to always, always, always leave a note or comment of thanks.

Here are, for reference's sake, the old guidelines.



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