Monday, February 19, 2007

Cheating at Solitaire (oh mike ness)

One of the things that always set Social Distortion apart from the rest of the '80s California punks was their incorporation of twangy country/rockabilly into their driving sound. They wound up covering everything from "Ring of Fire" to Jimmy Work's "Making Believe" without sacrificing a bit of sonic fury. With Social D. frontman Mike Ness' solo debut, it becomes apparent that most of those country leanings came from him.

On CHEATING AT SOLITAIRE, Ness is freed to further explore his rootsy Americana influences, from straight country and bluegrass treatments of original tunes to covers of "Long Black Veil," Hank Williams's "You Win Again" and Dylan's "Don't Think Twice." Naturally, Ness attacks much of this material with the same punk-inspired brute force and unflinching lyrical realism that made Social Distortion a success, and it makes CHEATING AT SOLITAIRE an intriguing chapter in Ness' continually unfolding musical story. (x)


1. "The Devil in Miss Jones" – 3:49
2. "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" (Dylan) – 3:47
3. "Misery Loves Company" – 3:47
4. "Crime Don't Pay" – 3:31
5. "Rest of Our Lives" – 3:44
6. "You Win Again" (Williams) – 3:11
7. "Cheating at Solitaire" – 3:53
8. "No Man's Friend" – 4:57
9. "Charmed Life" – 3:38
10. "Dope Fiend Blues" – 5:17
11. "Ballad of a Lonely Man" – 3:25
12. "I'm in Love w/My Car" – 4:41
13. "If You Leave Before Me" – 4:19
14. "Long Black Veil" (Dill/Wilkin) – 4:04
15. "Send Her Back" (Ferrier) – 2:57

*** edit: Also, Suburban Terror has got up the other Mike Ness solo album, Under the Influences.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Forrest Gump

I just bought the DVD from Target last weekend and have been watching it in bits & pieces, maybe I'll have time tonight to finish it. . . being reminded of how much I love this film; last time I saw it was in 10th grade in my "World History" class. We also watched The Ring-- the perks of a public education. I'm actually now working on a paper and eating all the yogurt clusters from my life vanilla yogurt crunch. The paper is about Pan's Labyrinth (grab the ost from Gimmie Back My Head) and Joseph Campbell's monomyth-- the perks of taking a bullshit class at the bullshit women's college across the street.

Anyway, I think my favorites are "For What It's Worth" and "California Dreamin" and "Sweet Home Alabama." And that Willie Nelson. Plus it's nice to finally see who sings all those songs the oldies stations are playing ha ha. . .

(megaupload because it is big. if it becomes a problem let me know and i'll split the file and stick it up on rapidshare)

Tracklist & purchase.
Forrest Gump on rottentomatoes.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Because of the Times

New Kings of Leon! (zip)

Haven't heard the whole thing, but there is definitely a new sound, a step away from the Southern rock-y (which would be more disappointing if this stuff weren't so good). The songs thus far are heavier and slower than the first two albums. But good. Oh so good.

Though it seems Nathan decided to grow his beard back.

Amazon says: A trio of relentless rockers--"My Party," "Camaro," and the sarcastic "Charmer"--are sure to pacify those familiar with the Kings' blueprint, yet there is ripening in the band's approach heard, in several of the record's 13 songs. Reverb guitar and vocals and a "woo woo" chorus add a sinister aspect to "Trunk," and "Knocked Up" features a laissez-faire Caleb Followill crooning "She don't care what her mama said/She's gonna have my baby." The seven-minute revelation of fatherhood that opens the album leads into the U2-influenced "McFearless," a reggae-splashed "Ragoo," and the rambling English blues of "Black Thumbnail."

I take issue with the review in that the "ripening" mentioned seems to refer to the lessening of the Kings of Leon twang. I don't know if I like the evolution/step forward implied in that. Unless the reviewer hopes that they leave the creative and fresh sound we all grew up with (ha ha) in favor of a more radio friendly format. Also, "My Party" does not strike me as a good example as it is used in the review. But I do like what I'm hearing, don't get me wrong. Caleb's voice is the same wounded yelpy thing, and the music is strong and the lyrics dark & aware. Enjoy :)

You can get it from a number of other sites.
Also, Mike's Site has Youth and Young Manhood up.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Boondock Saints [OST]

Finally found this & would like to share. Not quite sure why there is a German version of the courtroom speech, but hey, the more the merrier.

It seems this movie is one of those love it/hate it films, so for the fans, enjoy!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

What This Town Needs EP - Blanche

Real quick then back to work. I promise posting will get more regular but there's a whole shit storm going on right now here called "major declaration" (aah!).

But, here is the Blanche EP in anticipation of the March release of Little Amber Bottles.

Blanche - What This Town Needs EP

A preview of what's to come, I suppose. I'm a little iffy on the intrusion of a White Stripes sound on one song, and Tracee's sudden identification with Holly Golightly's vocals, but that's only on one track and it's excellent barring those personal preferences. I'm excited. It's fantastic. Review from THIS EP IS FIRE. THANK GOD FOR THIS, THIS SHOULD HOLD ME OVER TILL THE NEXT LP. THANKS MR MILLER & COMPANY.

1. What This Town Needs
2. Child Of The Moon
3. The Scar Beneath The Skin
4. Never Again
5. Who's To Say (Live At Reading Festival)

Also, check out Rebeldog Comics for some Pistols and some of the most creative formatting of blog posts I've yet seen.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

New Patrick Wolf

So I love Patrick Wolf and I'm listening to the 2007 release right now for the first time, and I'm enjoying it immensely, just want to get it up so it's out of my mind (I'm doing one of those paper things right now).

(and/or buy it)

Though I think he looks like a complete ass on the cover. Not a fan of the design, liked the other ones much better.

Now, my The Good The Bad & the Queen seems to have trotted off somewhere the way my Raconteurs album did- my files are a big mess right now because I got a new computer. For now, I'm gonna hafta direct to other postings of it.

Nočná Hudba has got the limited bonus tracks up.
Ape Shall Never Kill Ape has the album plus some live Social D plus Johnny Cash plus a fantastic Love Songs comp plus a kickass White Stripes post.

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