Sunday, April 29, 2007

Star Wars: The Original Radio Drama, Episode 8, "Death Star's Transit"

Darth Vader's Star Destroyer arrives at the Death Star, where the mere sight of the massive battle station causes Princess Leia to say its name - proving to the Sith Lord that she knew of the top-secret weapon's existence. When a subsequent interrogation session proves fruitless, Grand Moff Tarkin suggests forcing Leia to divulge what she knows by threatening something dear to her, and sets the Death Star on a course for Alderaan. Even when Leia gives Vader and Tarkin a location where they will supposedly find the rebels, the Death Star opens fire on Alderaan anyway, obliterating the planet completely (x).
According to wikipedia, the interrogation scene is "controversial." And it is kinda intense. Haven't listened to it yet, but from what I remember it's a liddle bit whoa there now.

I am so amazing bizarrely FUCKED. And I have allergies. It could be worse, right. At least I'm not in the real world and hafta go to work- wait, I do, cos my Friday supervisor is an idiiooot. (And I don't say that about a lot of people. Just Barnard girls and my academic adviser and, you know, other things.)

Not constipated, though. He looks constipated, the poor thing.

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Jim said...

Once again I feel obliged to mention your awesomeness :)


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