Sunday, October 18, 2009


guess which one was the shit hole. hint. t's the one with blood everywhere.

hey all. So it's been awhile, but I have an excuse! I've spent the last few weeks embarking on a less-than-expected chaos but still overwhelming move out of the old shithole and into a fab new apartment downtown. We just got the wireless set up two days ago, after 5 or so customer service calls, 2 of which didn't get us anywhere because the party making the call was drunk. Wasn't me. But here's the best part, besides that we have a real kitchen and we're by some mediocre but cheap bars. . . we NO LONGER HAVE BED BUGGIES. (And our friends will visit us again. I think.)

So some party music to welcome me, you, us (?) back. I don't know why I've been listening to this song so much. I don't own nor have I ever worn Adidas, but you could probably hate Adidas for your own personal secret important reasons and still (had better) dig this track. According to the Adidas website, it was the first time a major artist endorsed a brand, though interestingly, "no checks were signed[, n]o managers were approached." So of course Adidas is a little bitter about it all, or would be except that group is plastered all over their website.

PS. What's with the explosion of Run DMC shirts everwhere? They're even before my time and I saw a 12 year old wearing one on 9th Ave the other day. Is Urban Outfitters selling them?

Run-D.M.C. - My Adidas

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