Thursday, May 03, 2007

Star Wars: The Original Radio Drama, Episode 9, "Rogues, Rebels and Robots

En route to Alderaan in the Millennium Falcon, Ben begins Luke’s training in the ways of the Force, starting with basic lightsaber technique and awareness of the Force. Despite Han’s teasing, Luke practices until he’s able to fend off the attacks of a remote drone while blinded by the blast shield of a flight helmet. But this small victory is short lived as Ben senses something terrible, a cataclysmic disruption of the Force. When the Falcon comes out of hyperspace, Han finds he’s arrived not at Alderaan, but in a dense asteroid field - and despite the fact that the ship has arrived at the right coordinates, there’s no planet to be found. A lone Imperial TIE fighter appears, and Han gives chase - unaware that the pursuit will lead him into the jaws of the Death Star itself (x).
Get your unreasonably yet awesomely huge New Hope screencaps here. Draft a plan for world peace, write a symphony, and take out the trash while they load!

Check it- Luke's hero pose. Waaah.

I just put some Tarkin picture up for my background, replacing the very sexy Paul Simonon, cos some day's you just feel evil. Especially now that the sun just rose.


Anonymous said...

Hotlinking sucks. :|

b said...

ok ok ok alright alright. i changed it. my policy is that i'll hotlink if it's some massively huge commercial site, and this doesn't appear to be (fan site? i don't speak finnish(??). . .), so i suppose i shouldn't have, especially considering the service offered.


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