Sunday, November 18, 2007

VA: Breakfast on Pluto ST

If I wasn't a transvestite terrorist, would you marry me?

Been meaning to post this for awhile, mostly because I've been to listening to a few songs on this thing like a fool. For those who haven't seen Neil Jordan's Breakfast On Pluto, I'd like to recommend it enthusiastically. It's a beautiful film (not just cos Cillian Murphy is beautiful, but oh boy is he; in the months before the Batman film came out, all I was focused on was Who is that man playing Crane omf?), a colorful fairytale that spans the '60s and the '70s, and despite the tragedy and brutality of the majority of the story, showcases a fantastic range of human emotions and relationships and a generosity of human nature. Liam Neeson is also in it, which is usually, but not always, a plus. I appreciate the gentle nature of the movie, and am glad Patrick McCabe himself was responsible for the about-face the film makes from the book. While I do love the book, it's a tough read, emotionally and at times reading-wise (what would that be, intellectually?). If you want to get into Patrick McCabe, I suggest starting with Mondo Desperado, his collection of short stories set in the town of Barntrosna.

The song selection is good, though I'm not into all the songs. My favorites, the ones I've been listening to, are "Sugar Baby Love" (yeah, yeah), "Children of the Revolution", "You're Breakin' My Heart", and "Breakfast on Pluto." The other songs, not so much, but I think it all depends on the person, so check out the tracklist, see if you like anything, and try it out. Also included are two of the songs that the band in the movie plays, with Gavin Friday and Cillian Murphy on vocals. I wish they had included Buffalo Springfield's "For What It's Worth," so I've included it in the file.


mel said...

Not on topic, but I had to mention that I think your still (I ain't people) of Jean Hagen as Lina Lamont is absolutely priceless.

Thank you.

b said...

Thank you for stopping by! I adore Lina. "I CAN'T stand 'im!"

Anonymous said...

*squeals* Thank you!!


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