Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

[for those who celebrate it]

Hey kids! Just wanted to make sure you have a fab Thankgiving. Nah, I'm orderin' y'all to, so have a great time, and make sure that this is vous! I usually preach moderation, just like the ancient Greeks, but it's Thanksgiving for chrissakes, and one of the greatest pleasures in life, besides mashed sweet potatoes, freshly made cranberry sauce, and a BBQ'd bird (very very important, none of that oven-baked roast-y thing) is-- pie.

Anyway, here's the original picture, I cropped it and took out the logo, though poor old Alan is still covered by the barcode. And I added the heart as I still have a big fucken crush on Kyle (though I heard he turned bad? I'm waiting for the tpbs of all that 52 stuff to come out. . . though the heart just makes him look like he loves turkey omg.)

So, Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the food and the football and that turducken thing.

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Jim said...

Kyle only went a bit evil and not for long. He was possessed too, so it wasn't his fault. Alas Hal is still alive again and being in the way though.
I felt I had to comment somewhere, I've been neglecting you of late :)


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