Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Slackers

I've been noticing that there is a lack of attention given to The Slackers on the music blog-o-sphere rama-lama. . . ding dong thing. . ., or whatever the kids are calling it nowadays, so I'm gonna go ahead and post the 3 albums of theirs that I happen to have over the next few days. (Hopefully people will find something they like. I'm definitely passing on the favor of the kid who introduced them to me last year.) I'm *still* working on that paper, and waiting for the cheaper than dirt Japanese food place to open so I can order lunch. It's raining. I'll be getting these up over the weekend, prolly.

The Slackers are a well-known New York ska outfit, formed in Brooklyn in 1991 and headed by Vic Ruggiero (who has also done work with Rancid) and his easily recognizable voice. I am by no means a Slackers expert, but I've been lead to understand that the albums I have are some of the better ones. I haven't been able to get my hands on their newer stuff. From what I've been told "Married Girl" is one of their major tracks, and "Fried Chicken (Mary Mary)", another famous track, is only performed when they are in Brooklyn. Which makes me want to go see them; they seem like they'd be a great act. (And of course they're gonna be in NYC when I'm in LA for break.)
The Slackers [have] a solid feel for the Jamaican roots of the genre. The rythym [sic] section is extremely tight, with heavy bass, intricate drums and steady guitar. The horn section, including trumpet, trombone and saxophone will get you moving. If this isn't enough for you, I have saved the best for last. The funky Hammond B-3 organ is in full effect on this album and is truly a religious experience [acrudeboy]
The Slackers' "Have the Time." If you like this song, you'll easily like the rest of their stuff. Stay tuned :)

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