Sunday, November 18, 2007


Okay, I love this song and all, but I'm sorry, but I hafta vote this the worst music video I've ever seen. I honestly can't sit through it. It makes me want to tear my hair out. I'd rather watch Rihanna recycle every print ad cliche while going "ay-ay-ay" (Posh Spice! Ballerina! James Bond! Dodge water like a deodorant commercial! French maid? Casino Dealer? Burlesque routine! Huh? At least she's not wearing overalls over NOTHING.)

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Anonymous said...

. . . are you saying that you don't meet up on the street-corner with your friends for hillbilly hootenannies? . . . not ever? . . . huh, takes all kinds, I guess . . . thanks for the Slackers shares, I’m really enjoying their stuff – I hadn’t heard of them before your posts . . . Dylan and Jack White taking on Hank, Sr. kinda scares me – I mean Johnny Cash started to work on a project like this years ago and decided he couldn’t do it right! . . . I haven’t seen BOP yet, but its creeping up towards the top of my list – I’ve started the book twice but not managed to finish it yet . . . I completely agree with your note on John Bellairs, I reread the Barnavelt trilogy every couple of years . . .


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