Monday, November 26, 2007

Clip Night: Someone shot the sheriff

Soo, I'm sitting here on my ass trying to delay walking down to the printer. I said I was gonna go to sleep before 1 am. Ain't happening. Aaand the kid two doors down is smoking pot again! I have the heater on and the window open, which I think might be a sin.

So this clip is from a great show, Grounded for Life, about an Irish-American Catholic family living on Staten Island. The YouTube clip selection isn't too hot, but skip to about 1:51 and check out the Bob Marley jokes. Happy Monday :)

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ken said...

Donal Logue is REALLY funny - his newish show the Knights of Prosperity is just about the only network thing I watch with any regularity . . . the Vandals album is great - and remember that anytime is the right time for Christmas music . . . the real question is why would anybody NOT support Harvey Dent?


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