Friday, November 16, 2007

"Jack White, Bob Dylan Rework Hank Williams Lyrics"

Jack White, Bob Dylan Rework Hank Williams Lyrics [Pitchfork]:
Mr. Bob Dylan is spearheading an initiative to set some of country legend Hank Williams' "lost" lyrics to music. (By "lost" he means "essentially, the lyric sheets Hank died with in his briefcase.") And Jack White of the White Stripes is involved

. . . Suchyta hinted that Willie Nelson and Norah Jones may very well also contribute songs, and that Dylan "no doubt" recorded a tune for the project during the sessions for last year's excellent Modern Times. No word on just what the end result of all this will look like. . .
A little wary of this, but because it made me think of Wilco & Billy Bragg's amazing work on the 2 Mermaid Avenue albums when they "reworked" Woody Guthrie (as requested by his daughter), a little excited to see what will happen. So I guess the question is, will it be as good and as respectful of Hank as Wilco and Bragg managed to be to/of Woody? (I got way too lost in the prepositions in that sentence. . .) And will they avoid the type of bizarro line-up that in turn made all of us avoid that Strummerville thing?

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