Monday, November 05, 2007


So in that vein, I figured I'd post some Dean Martin, specifically, a best of- comp that was released in 2004. Enjoy!

The Rat Pack's razor-witted King of Cool['s]. . . sublime, preternatural indifference is both underscored and belied with dizzying regularity on this good 30-track overview of Martin's singing career. The breezy hits "That's Amore" and "Volare" underscored his public staying power when many counted him out in the face of a surging 1950s youth market. He repeated the feat again with trademark effortlessness a decade later to knock no less than the Beatles off the top of the charts with the unlikely, if inviting schmaltz of "Everybody Loves Somebody." Ever informed by his warm, deceptive vocal ease, Martin's rich signature tunes are well-represented here. But the collection also spans enough lovable kitsch ("Mambo Italiano," "Little Old Wine Drinker Me") and unabashed romantic yearning ("Innamorata," "Send Me the Pillow You Dream On") to deepen the compelling mystery of one of pop music's most enduring ciphers. [Jerry McCulley]


ken said...

I agree completely about Ocean's Eleven! in fact, I remember seeing a version of the original that DID end like the remake and it was much better . . . Judy Holliday is really great, she's one of my favorite actresses - be sure and catch "It Should Happen to You" when you get a chance . . . Angie Dickinson's roles were almost always too short, she seemed to be inexplicably typecast as a supporting actress and I can't figure out why - check out "Point Blank" with Lee Marvin, she takes an otherwise standard action movie to another level . . . I'm glad you're enjoying the Texas stuff, I hope to have time this week to work on the next installment . . . I think you'll enjoy "Les Revenants" - it's one of those movies that stays with you (sorry about the spanish trailer, it was all i could find) . . . Morrissey is a bit of a strange fella, I first saw him while the smiths were supposed to be supporting Meat is Murder but he refused to perform a single song from the record! . . . thanks for the Dino stuff, lately he's been in big demand at the farm - my daughter has to hear "Non Dimenticar" at least once a day . . .

ken said...

Thank's for the kind words, I'm REALLY glad you're enjoying the series - I've posted a new link, let me know if it works!!


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