Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Stiff Little Fingers

I got to see these guys last night at the Highline Ballroom, which wasn't as big of a pain in the ass to get to as I had thought it would be. My first time there, and a pretty cool, relaxed place: ins-n-outs, no scanner, no bag searches (which I will remember for next time so I can get some pictures). Crime: $4 PBRs. That said, Jake and the guys were great! Even though the songs are noticeably slower than the album versions, there's still the same energy; the band is way into playing the music, which is vital for the crowd to be way into the music. Even the girl behind my friend ("Who are they? Are they from IRELAND? Awright! Cool!") was into the whole thing; I think SLF puts on a show somebody who has never heard their music can have fun at. I still don't like the new style of singing that has appeared on their recent releases, which was only showcased once, with "Strummerville" but how can you bitch about a song about Joe? Also had a new song, "Liar's Club." They encored with their version of "Doesn't Make It Alright," so I figured I'd upload the Complete Peel Sessions, which includes that track.

Hahaha, I was trying to remember where this file came from, and I just googled it and it seems that I got it from the ever-awesome Jim a long time ago. So as always, big huge thanks to Jim :]

Stiff Little Fingers: The Complete John Peel Sessions

*Oops, sorry guys. Track 15 should be "No Change."

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Jim said...

Arse, blogger ate my rather long comment.
Glad you enjoyed SLF, they are one of the few bands I can see every year playing the same songs each time and still enjoy immensely.
Lots of umbrellas might be a bit of a waste, as we have weird rain. Usually it is accompanied by mad winds which either destroy umbrellas, or send the rain flying horizontally into your face anyway.


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