Monday, February 11, 2008

Valentine's Day [Half] Week

You may have noticed I'm way into theme posts right now. (I'm also really into croissants, Nick & Nora Charles, not doing my reading, and shoes at the moment, so theme posts are the least of my worries.) I don't know what to say, except that Valentine's Day has provided yet another opportunity to orient the posts around a theme. And this time, starting tomorrow and continuing til the fourteenth, the theme is Love. Sorta. (Or, as the kids say, JUST KIDDING.)

But FIRST check out these so bad they're good dorkorific Star Wars Valentines. I get a kick outta these. ("My love for you will STAY ON TARGET." You get the picture.) If you think the one up there is funny, you'll like the others.

(Admit it, you're laughing.) Anyway, stay tuned. Starting tomorrow, we'll be hitting up 3 Valentine's Day themes: Romance, How the Other Half Lives, and a third one that I can't think of right now. And yes, two of those are mixes. I'm also way into mixes right now. Hope to see you!


Anonymous said...

Oh b - let me tell you the story of a mild obsession that led to a shameful betrayal that has dogged me down thru the years, much to my shame. It all started with a song (doesn't it always!) that was buried in the soundtrack to Blue Velvet. There's a scene in the film when Kyle MacLachlan dances with Laura Dern and the song they danced to was just wonderful. I waited anxiously thru the credits and found that the song was called “The Mysteries of Love” by Julee Cruise – Julee who? It was like she came from out of nowhere – no records, no tapes, no nothing (and no internet, either). A year later, I finally found a bootleg of some demo’s she’d cut for a proposed album and, boy - life was good. The songs kinda anticipated the dream-pop of the Sundays and the Cranes and it was hauntingly, incredibly beautiful. I taped copies of the record and forced them on everyone I knew, and then dared them to disagree with my contention that she was destined to be the NEXT BIG THING – I was quite a boor about it all. Well, along comes a fateful night in the spring of ’88 – my friends and I were set to go see a show at the Circle A Ranch in Dallas, but I found out at the last minute that Julee Cruise was gonna open for Erasure at a club in Fort Worth. I figured my friends could get along fine without me, so I grabbed my girl and off we went to see Julee (Julee Cruise Live!!!). It turned out that I had the only working car amongst all of my friends that particular weekend, so my pals were left in Waco - we ALL missed the show at the Ranch that night. Who did we miss, you ask? Social Distortion in support of “Prison Bound” with a special SURPRISE guest, Mr. Billy Joe Shaver . . . reportedly, Billy Joe and Mike shared vocals on a mini tribute to Johnny Cash – Ring of Fire, I Walk the Line, Folsom Prison Blues, and Cry, Cry, Cry. Yeah, for real. My friends finally began speaking to me after three or four months, although to this day they talk about my “stupid Julee phase” at every opportunity (the girl, however, never spoke to me again).
And yes, to my shame, I still like Julee Cruise.

Looking forward to the Valentine’s stuff – your mixes are the best!!

Anonymous said...

I forgot - here's a link to the video for "The Mysteries of Love"

and here's a link to Julee's first album:



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