Monday, February 04, 2008

My Chemical Romance? Catchy as hell?

[The latest album] is an exact representation of what this band is: a theatrical, over-the-top joke. I'm convinced in a past life, Gerard Way was an overweight Italian woman singing in an opera house. []

OKAY. I think I've mentioned that while I think these kids make some amazing videos (particularly "The Ghost of You," but you know I'm a sucker for WWII movies, as well as "Helena", high drama and great costuming), I've never been able to get into their music. They make good artistic decisions (James Jean cover art, for example, in addition to the videos), but there songs are not catchy enough for me to look past the lyrics, which I have trouble relating to, when I can figure out what they're saying. So when my friend, whose music tastes I trust, said, "Okay, you're gonna think I'm a fag, but--" (types "My Chemical Romance" into Youtube search bar) "-- this is actually really good," I was able to say, "No, I think they have good art direction," which might not have been what he expected but it's better than, "NAH it's too late for THAT. I know you listen to the Shins." (Yeah, along with my music cred, PC-ness just officially went out the window. Sorry guys.)

The song in question was "Teenagers" off their most recent album which features Liza Minelli (?!) and whose title track is clearly Queen-influenced. Someone called it entry-level gloom pop, and, quoted above, labels it "quite a fine pop record," as "long as the band isn't actually taking themselves as seriously as the promotions suggest."

But "Teenagers." Okay, from what I can tell and what I've read, this is a different direction than is usual for these guys, and I think they've done a good job going in that power pop/pop punk direction. Cos it works. It's criminally catchy. It's fun and sing-a-long-y. The music video is like "Smells Like Teen Spirit" but more interesting to watch cos the cheerleaders are better dancers and wearing goofy gasmasks. I'm probably not allowed to say that, but while Nirvana's song takes itself seriously, MCR's has that bit of self-awareness and high drama that makes me want to kinda like these guys, if not the rest of their music. (Plus I haven't been able to listen to most Nirvana songs since I got out of high school.)

So I hope you guys have fun with it if you choose to grab it. If these kid keep this up. . . who knows? Plus Gerard Way cut this hair and got rid of the makeup. That helps a lot.

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