Monday, February 18, 2008


Hey kids. A quick post and I'm back to the shitstorm that is this week of work. I'll be away probably til the end of the week (cos I'm fucked), so I figured a great big post (meaning long inch-wise) to tie us over.

I think I promised cupcakes a very long time ago. . . so here they are. Some punk rock cupcakes for you pretty punk rock kids. (Well, actually, the Pogues & Meskies albums were on the counter and I had to hide the messy kitchen behind when I took the pictures.) The colorful ones were made over the summer when I was completely obsessed with cupcakes. They are Diet Coke Devil's Food Cake with Lavender Buttercream Frosting (to make it Lavender, make some simple syrup with a few heads of fresh or about a tablespoon of dried lavender.) The second type is a Sprinkles' Chocolate Peppermint, which I got sick of really fast so it's probably better that I've never actually been to Sprinkles. I have an inordinate fondness for mini cupcakes. (The CD cases should give a sense of scale.) We only have 1 mini cupcake pan. It takes awhile. I think there were 60+ Sprinkles cupcakes and more of the Diet Coke ones. My sister's friends get them foisted onto them. I don't have any good pictures of the Matcha Cupcakes with Lavender Frosting that I made, but those were made from scratch and were quite yummy. I had to make some lactose free so I was able to trim down the calories. And sorry about the quality of the pictures. I don't have a good zoom capacity on my camera. If only I had taken one from work. . .

Sweet Tunes:
Of course, the best music for baking is anything Ella :)

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