Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day [Half] Week: I Can't Help Myself

On my iTunes, this mix is called "VD," mostly because I think I am very, very funny. That aside, I couldn't decide whether to post this on Valentine's Day or to post the one I posted yesterday on Valentine's Day. But there's no need for y'all to think I'm a bitter, angry bitch, so I settled on this for Valentine's Day proper. It is The Official Noise Annoys V-Day Mix, and I hope you enjoy it. I tried to collect some kinda goofy songs that I love (The Four Tops' song, the Rubettes song) as well as some pretty stuff ("Gabrielle" and "Julia") and also to have a little fun (the Vandals, "Diva Lady.") It's good feelings all around, and meant to be played in any order, because if it's anything, it's a little bit jumpy-around in terms of tempo. I hope you find some favorites, something new, or anything in between. Again, you can grab all at once or pick n choose.

Download the entire Noise Annoys V-Day Mix [sharebee]

Happy Valentine's Day pretty girls and boys, with lots of love.


McCrank said...

I love your latest mix. A Four Tops song, plus Rancid, Lou Reed, Tim Armstrong and hey what the hell a little Rose McGowan@! Excellent choices all of them. I may just check out the McGowan thing to see if she can sing, is this a Manson produced number? Soundtrack?

Meant to do my own list, so maybe I will get to that today a little post-valentine's mix. Any new comic/Art news? What about Gender Discrimination week -- any other weeks coming up? Keep rolling out the posts -- the truth is kewl!

Jim said...

Smashing stuff, ta!


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