Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Happy Mardi Gras! Happy Super Tuesday! Happy Feb 5th!

I meant to post this awhile ago (as usual), but luckily I waited (til I was reminded by a friend who showed me Chris Milk's hardhitting video during the weekend, which I hadn't seen) because I just re-stumbled on my copy of the Skids' original version from an entire album of theirs I had but didn't know I had and am now listening to and enjoying. (Looks like it was from the great RYP- thanks!)

The U2 & Green Day boys do a good job on the 2006 remake of the Skids' track, and opening with "House of the Rising Sun" is a nice touch.

Okay kids, Happy Shrove Tuesday and play nice :) And check out the Roadhouse podcast for "a celebration of all things zydeco, cajun, swamp, and boogie," as New Orleans is, at the least, culturally tied to the secular Mardi Gras in addition to being firmly integrated into and playing a major role in the wider religious cultural history of the US. Which is to say, it's where the party is at.

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