Monday, February 25, 2008

Straight to Hell

"While the film received almost no positive reviews, it has (like several other of Cox's films) achieved a minor cult status, largely due to its cast of musicians, many of whom have cult followings of their own."

"[Spider] was extremely able. Shane MacGowan isn't really an actor. It was difficult to explain to him that you had to do things the same way twice." [Alex Cox]

Aah, blaah. I just had some 2am cup noodle. You know what I'm talkin about. Ok. Lessee. . .

Hey cool kids! Continuing in our infernal theme (Bosch, l'enfer, keeeling), howzabout the soundtrack to Alex Cox's totally weird, kinda bad, but completely lovable 1987 film Straight to Hell, featuring among others Mr Joe Strummer, the Pogues, Sy Richardson, Dennis Hopper, Elvis Costello, and Grace Jones for all of 3 minutes. (And Courtney Love. But don't let that scare you away.) This all of course means that the soundtrack is gonna feature the Pogues, Joe, and all those good things, including my new favorite Pogues song now that I finally have my hands on it "Rake At the Gates of Hell." Pray for Rain does the majority of the tracks, Cait O'Riordan and the crew sing "Danny Boy," and the guy from the Circle Jerks sings about hot dogs. Just try to say no.

Tracklist in comments, and you can also just grab the Pogues track from zshare. Enjoy! By the way, I think Mike of The Upsetter 1969 had the film itself up awhile ago.

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b said...

1. Evil Darling - Joe Strummer
2. Long Cool Day In Hell - The Pogues
3. The Killers (Main Title) - Pray For Rain
4. Ambush At Mystery Rock - Joe Strummer
5. Three Deadly Cars - Pray For Rain
6. Spoils - Pray For Rain
7. Ferni's Bolero - The Pogues
8. Fabienne - Miguel Sandoval
9. Night On Bald Mountain - The Pogues
10. Blood Sausage - Zander Schloss
11. Harmonicas - The Pogues
12. Widdle Binky Boo - Zander Schloss
13. Rabinga - The Pogues Featuring Del Zamora
14. Big Question Mark - The Pogues
15. L'amoria - The Pogues
16. Obsession - The Pogues
17. Hey! - Featuring The Voice Of Ed Pansulla
18. Salsa Y Ketchup - Zander Schloss
19. Quiet Day In Blanco Town - The Pogues
20. Sadistic Sausage - Zander Schloss
21. If I Should Fall From Grace With God - The Pogues
22. Danny Boy - Featuring Cait O'riordan And The Cast
23. Insipid Sausage - Zander Schloss And Pray For Rain (Oboe By Lauren Carter)
24. Shoot Out - Pray For Rain
25. Fan Out - Pray For Rain
26. Big Nothing - The Macmanus Gang
27. Taranta Del Fuente - The Pogues
28. High Fives - Zander Schloss
29. Rake At The Gates Of Hell - The Pogues


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