Thursday, February 21, 2008

L'enfer, c'est les autres

Okay, I was gonna post this long story about this housewarming party I went to last Friday, and how this guy who lives in my hallway who I barely know (we will call him "Dummy") but who must have seen an article about the Joe doc my friend taped to my door asked, "Are you infatuated with Joe Strummer?" and my reaction was "Uh," when it should have been BOY IF YA DON'T GET IT, YA DON'T GET IT., but it's too complicated because then I would have to complain about how these two other people were supposed to come with us bailed so I was stuck alone with Dummy, and how Dummy got fall-off-your-subway-seat drunk after [2 beers + jack & coke + 2 sips of Malibu rum] (even I don't get that drunk after that and I'm almost but not at all Oriental) so that I was in effect babysitting the fucker all the way back uptown, and how we got on the L the wrong way and how the F was running on the A track only til Manhattan so that if I were babysitting I would have had to be paid for 2 extra hours EXCEPT nobody was paying me, and how I never want to see this kid again except that we live in the same hallway, and how I shoulda just bitchslapped his sorry drunk ass, BUT, uh. . . I lost my train of thought. Wow. It's been a long week. Anyway, here's to you, Joe.

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Jim said...

Well, that sounds like one fun party. You shoulda just ditched Dummy and had by yourself.


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