Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Day [Half] Week: Valentine's Eve

I am a multitasking motherfucker. I just uploaded the songs, ate dinner, removed my nail polish, ate dessert, regretted eating dessert, broke my DVD player, fixed it?, and watched a Thin Man movie all. at. once. If only I had done all my reading while I was at it. . .

[Skip straight to the music.]

I Seen That Before! Disclaimer:
I put together this mix last semester and then kept adding on when I wandered across a song I fancied. Predictably, and in the nature of all my mixes, you're going to see artists you see a lot on this blog, as well as songs that I've put on other mixes. I make these things during a certain period of time so they feature whoever I was lisnin to non-stop during that period. "DJ DJ," for example, rose to my top 25 songs in a matter of days, and has remained there because I listen to it obsessively. Not only does it have a line I've lauded on here before ("Fuck the motherfucken backstabbin cunts") but it has the line that gives our little mix its name: "Lord Knows We Don't Need You."

Valentine's Day Disclaimer:
As for Valentine's Day. . . Here's where you get to hear what I really think cos tomorrow is dedicated to not being rude about it. I see it as just another of those holidays that if you've got a personal stake in it, whoopdefuckendoo. If not, you kinda just wave at it as it goes by and go about your business. Maybe somebody brings candy to the office. If you want it to be about love, whatever that is, than celebrate that which you have, and more power to ya. There are some who do actively hate it, but that's still about buying into the constructs that have been built up around it, which is their choice. I do like the red and the hearts and stuff though. Cos they're nice symbols and motifs and whatnot. (Which is to say, Cos they're pretty.)

The Mix Disclaimer:
I don't want it to be misconstrued as an anti-Valentine's Day mix. (I mean, on bad days, I hate couples, especially lovey-dovey ones who just hafta hold hands and walk very slowly in front of you, forming a small hydrogen bond of love that you cannot get around and now you're going to miss the bus/train/Pony Express. And like any good friend, I hate hearing about my friends' relationships unless they're juicy and went bad at the end.) Instead, it's a group of songs centered around a certain strain of feeeelings. (I know that looking at the songs it seems like it's about how you can't trust boys, but it isn't. Even though it's still true.)

Somewhere in all this, what I'm trying to say is that I'm not shooting to represent the flipside of the coin, the other side being the group that is super psyched about V-Day coming up. The theme that guided the selection of songs is just one facet of the 20-sided die of looove, baby. (No, no I did not just link to that. Uh oh. Past the point of no return? Yup, past the point of no return.) But what it's really about is the music. So without further ado--

The I should just look up the lyrics clause:
"Astro Zombies," which until about a year ago I thought was a "nice" song ("Who'd I do this for hey me and you"?) is in fact about me OR you. Uh. Duh. But it fits the theme nicely.

And that's it! Goodness that was long. So congrats to you, pretty girls and boys, if you made it this far. (Have a banana sticker!) Let's get to the music. You can grab it as a great big file or as individual files. I hope you find something fun or new or in between (wherever that would be?) By the way, how is zshare working? I wanted something that allows you to listen to the songs before downloading (though I realize it doesn't do mp4s.)

Lord Knows We Don't Need You: the Noise Annoys Pre vDay Mix [sharebee]

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