Sunday, February 17, 2008

Request: Dumbo Soundtrack

This was requested a week or so ago, and after a quick initial search, I didn't think I'd be able to find it. But I did. So here it is, hope you enjoy! Check out the website from which the picture came. "Disney Goes to War" feat. awesome airplane art. The soundtrack won the Academy Award in 1941, and "Baby Mine" was nominated for best original song, so definitely worth checking out.

Speaking of not finding things, I went downtown for dinner with a friend last night. Ate at The EU, which had really good meat. Pricey, since we ordered beer and cheese and then desserts in addition to the main course. But if you took the people next to us as example, we probably looked like cheap-o freak-o's even though we did splurge and go for the $9 beers. We were sitting next to four women (blond) and two men, one older guy who might have been a dad. They ordered two-three drinks each, entree, main course, salads. . . I mean. . . Dude. Whoa. And they got complimentary foie gras. We should have just pretended to be with them. If you're up for a fancy night out, I'd recommend the place: good food and good service, and we were seated right away. We felt so hip. Except the cheese, while good, is not worth the price per the amount you get.

Afterwards, we decided to go to a hookah bar that my friend went to last weekend and really liked. He knew it was in the area and he was pretty sure if was called Khmer Rouge. Yeah. Like those guys. He just couldn't remember where exactly it was. Wandered back and forth in a small but chilly area encompassed by Avenue B and 2nd Ave and 4th and 13th Streets (mistake: not going all the way to St Mark's) and finally settled on Sahara East, which was fine and had good service. Turns out the place we were looking for was Khyber Pass. Not exactly the most genocidal regime in history, but makes a heckuva lot more sense.


musomike said...

Thanks for Dumbo, I've been searching for it, not for a friend, for myself. I love the songs from this great Disney classic.

Thanks again


Bojan said...

Thank you very much for this! As I can't find this for long time I made my own soundtrack of Dumbo by cutting songs from film. But it has sounds from cartoon together with the music. Now I'm very, very pleased!

b said...

no problem! thanks for stopping by, and i'm glad the link is still working :)


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