Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Throne of Lies

Hey kids. Spectacularly fucked and totally pooped, so I'm just gonna post this clip, spread some holiday cheer, and go to bed to "get up early to work on my paper" (ie, continuously hit my snooze button until it's suddenly ten minutes before class).

The always awesome Ken left a gorgeous gift in the comments of the Advent Sunday post that I have been listening to non-stop, so do check that out, and take a look at the beautiful Christmas write-up he has over at his place. The gift, without giving away too much, is Breton Celtic music. How awesome is that!

Floodlit Footprint has a fab Ella Christmas album up, so take a look at that if Ella's your lady. I'll be posting a different Ella album hopefully soon.

And, uh, this is just funny and totally geeky and sorta immature. . . but you guys already knew that about me :p

So, hope your week is going well, the music will pick up again soon, and enjoy yet another clip from Elf.


Caitlin said...

ha ha ha!!--
does anyone, by any chance, have the Elf soundtrack?

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying the ad vielle que pourra album, they were really an extraordinary band - their live shows were reputed to be incredible, I wish I could've seen them . . . The Bad Brains are so great, a sadly overlooked band . . . thanks for the heads up on the Ella Christmas stuff @ FF (and patiently waiting for your contribution) . . . tell Caitin to check the Giant Robot's Big Christmas Stocking


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