Friday, December 07, 2007

More Bat Bitching from B

Hrrmm. Comment est-ce qu'on dit, I'm completely fucked! I have a French final oral today, which is hilarious because these classes definitely don't prepare you to speak on such topics as "France and Terrorism" and "Existentialism" or, as in my case, "The hagiography of Collaboration After the War in 5 Phases and how the Situation in Former Colonies in East Asia Denied the Two Most Important Aspects of the Collaboration Healing Process, Time and Flow of Information, as Seen in the Case of Vietnam," which, in fewer words is, "You dumbass it's your own fault you coulda talked about Sartre," nor does the class account for paralyzing stage fright/public speaking ineptitude, which, in my case, will not only make me completely forget how to par-lay fran-cais the moment I step in front of the class but will also make me forget how to talk English.

Uh, I Think the point of this, besides the usual bitching and procrastination and attempt to write more about myself than about poor awesome Ella up there, was to say that blogs are putting up absolutely fabulous Christmas posts, and you've probably been checking those all out, but if not, there's some really great stuff. I hope to put a few recommendations together, so stay tuned.

Same bat time. Same bat channel. Same bat thing.

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