Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Jolly Christmas from Frank Sinatra

Little Frankie "Stool-pigeon" Sinatra refused to take off his Christmas wreath, insisting that he was the ghost of Christmas Present. As it was less than a month before Christmas, the sheriff of Bergen County let him keep it on.

Seeing as how yesterday was Ol Blue Eye's birthday, I thought it would be appropriate to post a Sinatra Christmas album.

But first, a big thanks to all for the feedback!-- I think I'll use Sharebee and perhaps post the additional URLs generated by Sharebee in the comments. And three cheers for the Bing Brigade (the Crosby Brigade?) We now all know kung-fu by default in support of Der Bingle- hellls yeah. Plus, the Big Christmas Stocking has exploded and there are now a few Crosby records over at Ken's! I have more Crosby albums at home, so I'll hopefully be posting those when I get back to sweet, warm Los Angeles. Who knew I'd ever understand that "California Dreamin" song?
Please see comments for additional links :)


b said...

z Share


McCrank said...

thanks for everything this year -- your blog has been fun reading and lighthearted. Glad you are pressing and keeping it up during studies, holidays, etc. It has been a blast to read!

McCrank ;-)

Freeman said...

Thank you for Jolly Christmas.

RS link is still alive.

Cheers !


b said...

Hey Freeman, thanks for stopping by and glad to hear the link is still working. I'll be doing more Christmas posting once December starts, so check back for more! Enjoy Ol Blue Eyes!

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