Friday, December 28, 2007

back from outer space

Hey everyone!

Sorry about that sudden prolonged absence. I had a bazillion things planned to post before the 25th and none of it got done; I also had this great idea for the 12 days of Christmas and now I can't remember it. I do have an excuse starting from the 14th, when I had my first final: the final period continued til the 21st. I was gonna say that finals bitchslapped me, but in all honesty, finals kicked me in the shins, knocked me down, rubbed my face in mud, and ran off laughing, then I spent my first 2 days back home frantically Christmas shopping, or rather, driving around to do Christmas shopping.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that all are enjoying these random weird work days in between the 25th and New Year's. Music will be up soon, and I'm playing catch-up with responding to comments, so things are kinda all over the place right now. We should be back up and running again with a new post-Christmas layout, hopefully before the New Year, which is a lot closer than I realize. . .


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Jim said...

Happy Christmas B!


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