Friday, December 14, 2007

Gwen sez Oi to the World and, dude, Aren't Asians Great?

Good cover, Gwen's voice really suits the frantic nature of the song, though I prefer the original with the wacky opening and faux accent. I was never hugely into No Doubt, and I liked Gwen's solos stuff in the beginning until you couldn't get out of your house without hearing that banana song, plus the whole Harajuku girls things was just weird (in their contracts, they aren't allowed to speak English in public.
Then check MadTV's take on the Sweet Escape, rewritten as "Aren't Asians Great." Bobby Lee is, as always, fabulous, especially as Connie Chung, who makes an appearance here. I feel that MadTV is much funnier, more creative, and wilder than Sat Night Live, not only writer-wise but cast-wise; much more flexible and into the material. (It's been a long time since SNL's heyday.)


Jim said...

Glad you are *still* enjoying Hellboy. That sure was value for money :D

Jim said...

I saw "I Am Legend" last night. It's, um, ok I suppose.


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