Saturday, December 01, 2007

BYO Split Series Vol 3: Rancid & NOFX

"No surprise here, it's a split decision, with the true winners being the listeners."

You all know about my deep and abiding love for norcal punkers Rancid, but I hafta admit that NOFX is a band that I have only peripherally liked, as in I like the stuff they played on the radio back when they played bands like that (which was way back with "Franco-Unamerican"). So- I will be remedying that as soon as my rapidshare limit expires (heh-hey).

Vol 3 of the BYO Split Series has Rancid and NOFX going at one another's songs and is produced, I believe, by Brett of Bad Religion. The NOFX boys do a good job of coming out of left field without losing the source material's sentiments, if it be genuine or satirical ("But that's nothing compared to the hilarious indignities visited upon "Radio." NOFX tarts it up in reggae rags, then insults it with a Jamaican accent so faux, it makes Miss Cleo sound convincing." Haha.). I'm guessing this is from Fat Mike. From the nofx site.
It was BYO's idea to do this thing, but it was Lint's idea to do each others songs, and that's what this thing is. Rancid doing 6 NOFX songs and NOFX doing 6 Rancid songs. I think it turned out pretty good. . . I didn't try to do Matt's bass riffs cuz they're too hard to figure out. We also changed a few chord progressions here and there cuz, why the hell not. We didn't change any lyrics though, well just a few by mistake. It's actually pretty hard to make out what Lint sings on Corazon de Oro. I gave it my best shot.
Besides that they bring their sound, which can never get old, to the NOFX tracks, I can't say much for Rancid's work since I'm not familiar with any of the original versions besides "Bob," so I'd love to hear what people think. But whatever way you lean, it's a very fun record, so if you haven't grabbed it yet and you like at least one of these groups, give it a try! (By the way, who is singing on "Don't Call Me White"? He sounds like a muppet. And everyone goes now, Bridget, you think everyone sounds like a muppet.)

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