Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Bad Brains S/T

So, I guess I bit off more than I could chew on Sunday, make that yesterday, too. Still working on stuff that I should have finished over the weekend, end of the year, everything's piled up! Oh no!

Here's a break from the Christmas music for some Bad Brains, the guys who invented hardcore, who I guess are called the Soul Brains now? (. . .) I'm not super-into hardcore, so if you're like me and you want a punkrock primer/hagiography besides your friend going "Hey, I remember that. Yeah, it was awesome," in reference to some show he/she/it might or might not have seen which just proves to you that he/she/it is way old because he/she/it goes, "Huh. That was before you were born. . .", check out American Hardcore, which is available in both film and book (AH: A Tribal History) form (I recommend the film, didn't make it through the book though it was interesting, I think it's cos I was on an airplane, kinda skipped around to the bands I like.)
For fans of hardcore, many would agree that the holy grail of the genre is Bad Brains' self-titled album, originally released back in 1982 as a cassette-only release on ROIR. The ensuing years after its initial release haven't dulled the album's fury and rage in the least, and it's still impressive how the band can switch gears from red-hot hardcore to cool reggae dubs in the blink of an eye [allmusic].
Here ya go! Enjoy :)

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