Sunday, October 21, 2007

Young Indy Countdown

Okay, so as you might know I've been waiting for Lucas to release Young Indy on DVD for yeeaarrrs. I'm even sufficiently excited about this box set (vol 1 of 3) to shell out (at the amazon's very nice discount price + I had a gift certificate) a (few more than a) few bucks. Got it all pre-ordered last month. I'm holding out on Vol 2 til closer to the release date in the hopes that the price will drop. Vol 2 is when it starts getting really good. Cos we all had (have) crushes on Mr Sean Patrick Flannery (and who doesn't after seeing Boondock Saints, unless you're more the Norman Reedus type).

It's hard to 100% accept the Young Indy series in a canon/continuity that later includes the Harrison Ford Indy (River Phoenix is closer, who comes off as pretty ass-hole-ish but oh-so-Indy, versus the all around nice guy/indignant guy/<3 that Sean has goin), but as its own thing, each episode is amazing, like its own film, with some major stars, fabulous locations, and very fun & history-related plots. It's a lot of fun to see all the historical figures and to see Flannery's perpetually confused Indy Forrest-Gump'ing his way through the first fifth of the 20th century. Bottom line? I adore the Young Indy films/episodes. And I'm totally psyched about the documentaries that were made to complement the shows. I really do feel these eps have an educational value ( I learned who Bronislaw Malinowski was from the series. . . it's helped me a lot.) and I think the docs represent not only a great move but a good vision.

Though if George releases them next week with more features, bigger n better, and lost episodes and Young Indy party hats, I will make him curse the day he was born.

So I unfortunately don't have the tv show soundtrack (I guess one exists?) but I figured as a countdown to Tuesday's release date, I'd post the original 3 Indy soundtracks by the great John Williams. So those will be coming soon.


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