Monday, October 15, 2007


Ah, what to give to the readership that has everything. This. Yes, the soundtrack to the great Batman Beyond- the surprisingly good soundtrack.

I loved this show when I was a kid. Said the girl can't yet legally drink. I watched an episode awhile ago, and while I wasn't as into it as I used to be, I can still say that it was/is a very good show with a very good, very fun soundtrack.

Check out the opening titles here, on Youtube. See the crazy kids of the future dance weird, and see some slow-mo action with that stupid whiny Dana chick.

That Terry. What a hottie. Left a trail of broken sixth grade hearts the way bunnies leave trails of poop. The title track is officially called "Smells Like Creamed Spinach." Har. . . har. And I finally saw the "wrap up" of the series that was broadcast as a JL episode. Totally didn't dig it. Wtf. Clones? Terry looks awful.
OH man, who remembers Static Shock? Saturday morning with the WB. Speaking of which, any Histeria fans out there? Best. Cartoon. E. Ver.

If I sound a little crazy. . . Heater is not yet on in our building. I was told this morning it will take a few more days to kick in. I've been wrapped in a blanket for the last few days. And don't buy the reduced fat banana chocolate chip coffee cake from Starbucks. It's awful. I wanted it for the banana and chocolate chip. It tasted like. . . not any of that. I don't even know.

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Jim said...

Because Britain is like totally crap, it took me until just a couple of years ago to actually see Batman Beyond, Static Shock and Justice League. You can however probably apply your memories to me watching the old Batman animated show when I was about 12-13. That rocked.
Ever seen the Batman Beyond movie? I understand the cut version was a bit rubbish, but the uncut one is pretty brutal.
Oh and if you want to drink legally, come visit, I'll take ya to the pub :D


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