Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Rifle My Pony and Fuck that Amazon Marketplace guy

So I ordered the special edition Rio Bravo DVD weeks ago from Amazon Marketplace for what I think was a good deal, and when the cutoff delivery date finally came and me very much without the movie, I e-mailed the guy with a polite Where The Fuck Is My Rio Bravo DVD, and he promptly responded that he had sent it and thought it had arrived, but here's a full refund, which means he never sent it because who lets their shit get lost in the mail and offers up a full refund sans hysterics. While I'm glad it was all painless, I'm quite heartbroken that I don't have the DVD in my possession at this moment. I adore this movie, and when I went on today to check, the lowest marketplace price was $8 more than what I had originally paid. I'll wait it out, but oh man. Don't ever get between a girl and her John Wayne/Walter Brennan/Dean Martin movie. Anyway, here's a clip to make us all feel better.

How great is this picture?


Caitlin said...

so you don't have it NOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
my world has just come crashing down.
esp since i am craving me some westerns. :(

Jim said...

I'm glad I wasn't included, I dunno what I'd do if you yelled at me :)
Sadly, yes, Bond has faced down terrorists, nazism Al Capone & Fu Manchu, but couldn't overcome senility.
On the other hand, maybe he's always been like that. It would explain his uniquely Scottish take on every nationality he's played, he could never remember where he was meant to be from.

Caitlin said...

i almost rented that and horse soldiers and she wore a yellow ribbon and a bunch of other things but i got THE INFORMER instead. super excited!

ken said...

Thanks for the Indy stuff, I've had the soundtrack for a long time, but I'd only heard the others when I watched the movies - John Williams is just incredible . . . I have a love/hate relationship with the Amazon Marketplace vendors - when it works out it's great, but when the folks running show are idiots it can be maddening . . . don't fret about having some trouble with Cormac McCarthy - I had two false starts before I was able to get into NCFOM . . . how was the Morrissey show?


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