Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Still tweaking the layout. The weather turned to shit today, so I figured the green was a little too spring-y. So here's to winter. And, also, the place I had the dino image uploaded at went all crazy and the picture disappeared. . .

. . . They are going "ah" because the noise. . . it is annoying them. It's Mike Mignola. . . so I mean, what can go wrong, right? Oh-so-much if it's in my hands :p You can see what's on my mind. I think it's safe to assume that Jim and I- and anybody who stops by and wants to be- are Noise Annoys-sanctioned honorary BPRD members.

. . . I think the new general rule in understanding what could possibly going on in my mind while I'm doing anything on this blog is. . . three hours of sleep. One Diet Coke. No common sense. That could be our motto.

Noise Annoys: Three hours of sleep. One Diet Coke. No common sense. Nu-ku-ler capacity.
Noise Annoys: Making you an offer you can't refuse since fairly recently.
or, Noise Annoys: In Absentia Luci, Tenebrae Vincunt.
or, Noise Annoys: Ceux-qui rient le vendredi, pleureront le dimanche.


Jim said...

I got to see the 30 Days Of Night trailer eventually, after I took a few goes at making up zip codes. Looks fun!

Digging the new layout and waiting patiently at the side of the road for someone to hold my hand and help me across.

Anonymous said...

. . . or, Noise Annoys: Ἀεὶ κολοιὸς παρὰ κολοιῷ ἱζάνει
I'm glad you're enjoying the Texas music! It's fun putting the series together, but it's gonna be hard to keep it focused on the folk-rock stuff-but if I let the scope get any wider, I'll never find my way out . . . I'm sorry, I thought you knew that I'm ALREADY an agent for BPRD . . . 30 days looks almost too good to be true! . . . Billy Joe's album Tramp on Your Street is just about my favorite of his albums - Mr. Shaver will be featured in post very soon . . . I like what you've done with the homeplace, now go get some sleep.

McCrank said...

MIGNOLA - Awesome...Check out you rblog, all crazy and new! I dig it!

Be seeing you!



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