Sunday, October 21, 2007

Young Indy Countdown: Raiders of the Lost Ark OST

Ah, yet again, such heights of "comic" maturity.
Tied to a pole on the hill above, Indy thought:
OH SNAP. That's what happens when you mess wid th'MAN WID da HAT. BITCH.

This was one of the first CDs I remember buying, and I'm pretty sure the entry point to my hard core obsession with John Williams. It's an amazing score, from the playful "Basket Game" (*note that in the reference gag in Temple of Doom when Indy tries to pull out a gun that is not there, we get a few notes from the theme that recalls the epically epic (indeed) marketplace sword-vs-gun fight) to the rousing "Desert Chase." The Ark theme is truly awe-inspiring, and each little leitmotif and its variations function to tell the story, build tension, and bring the experience to a higher level. The Fucken Amazing "Airplane Fight", with the brassy accents and stress-inducing strings; you can practically follow the fight without actually seeing it! Listening to the score without images reinforces the power of Williams' music. Not only does it stand alone on its own as excellent composition, but the ability of the music to recall scenes and reactions to the film whilst listening to it reveals just how much the film itself, the excitement and romance and adventure, depend on the score.
Best Little Raiders moment?
a. Indy getting hit on the head with the mirror + longshot of boat to accompany his howl.
b. Belloq's trick fly
c. the coat hanger of doom
d. "It's a date. You eat 'em!"
e. other?


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