Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tommy Lee Jones!

"going into meltdown builds character"
-Declarative Dog

Jim has been kind enough to lend moral support as I panic my way through these two weeks of midterms (with but two bright spots on the horizon- 30 Days of Night on Saturday morning, and the Morrissey show on Monday evening which is doing more to ruin scheduling than anything. . .) But in the way of shiny things, I think this is suitably fucken awesome to distract anyone.


Anonymous said...

You really need to sit down and take a deep breath, everything's gonna be just fine . . . No Country for Old Men was a hard book to read, but it should make a GREAT movie . . . thanks for the Muse stuff . . . my favorite animated Batman-related series is the web-based Gotham Girls - how can anything really even compare?

mel said...

I'm an OLD boy so I hope you'll tolerate me!


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