Monday, October 08, 2007

A Few Things

1. Ok! I'm back, of sorts. October is the month of midterms which means it's also the boy-are-you-fucked month, so I've been holed up in my room like I'm avoiding taxes ('cept without picnics), doing a lot of reading and a lot of studying and no fun. Posting will either slow down in the next few weeks because I'm being studious, or it'll skyrocket to, like, eight posts a day because I'm procrastinating. We'll see.

2. Ooh, who is excited about 30 Days of Night!

3. Head over to Gimmie Back by Head- it's 1 year old (as of . . . October 3)! To celebrate, I've uploaded (a post or so down) what has become one of my favorite things that Jim's posted, and something I've been listening to quite a bit for the last week while writing a paper on. . . medieval views of demons. A paper that I am working on as I type this! And all the articles regarding this thing are in German! I do not sprechen sie deutsch. That's probably the wrong tense! Panic! If I wanna go to grad school/avoid the real world for a few more years, I hafta speak German! And Latin! And Italian! And !Kung! Though I don't know why on that last one. So put your !Kung for Dummies book down and go check out the super special extended Hellboy OST. Go!

4. Who wants to be a BPRD agent when they grow up! Or MIB :p

5. Ken is putting together what is shaping up to be a totally fucken awesome series of Texas singer-songwriters/groups, and so far what he's posted is excellent. It's all new to me, and it might be for you too, so head on over to Giant Robots Make Me Nervous, Sometimes. . .. This is a great opportunity to get introduced to a genre and music scene that isn't always easy to find an entry-point into. His mention of Billy Joe Shaver prompted me to go see what I had of his. Turn out I only have one album, so that's posted down there. Unfortunately, it doesn't have some of my favorite songs of his, so I'm still on the lookout for a best of compilation of sorts. Also, for more Townes all the time, go down to the last post and grab the link Ken provided to a live set featuring not just Townes, but also Steve Earle and Guy Clark on Together at the Bluebird Cafe.

6. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim? The Anaheim Angels of Los Angeles? Whoever. Both of 'em broke out hearts. . . :[

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Jim said...

I wanna be a BPRD agent!
30 Days of Night is a brilliant high concept, though I didn't think much of the comic. Only ever read the first one though. Grr, stoopid Apple won't let me watch the over 18s trailer cause I don't have a zip code.
Now that I'm one (or is it two?) I can walk AND talk. I'm still not allowed to cross the road by myself though.


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