Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Absolution Instrumentals: Stop that singing!

(kinda morbid picture to look at whilst reading about whether the Soviet invasion or the bombs were more instrumental in ending the war. . . kinda morbid picture in general)

Sooo, almost in the same vein as yesterday's post, music-wise (almost almost not quite), here are the backing tracks to Muse's luvverly Absolution (sans vocals!), which I am listening to, as I mentioned the first time I posted these ever-so-long-ago, cos I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT CONCENTRATE OMF.

That's what happens when you're almost down to the wire. Shiny things start catching your eye ever-so-easily and you wikipedia people like Josephine Marcus. Then you hit the day of and you go "oh!" and "shit!" and "wot's the Konoe memorial?" and finally, as the exam is being handed out, "what class is this exam for?" (I promise, pretty ones, one more week of midterms, and the bitching will shift to a different topic.)

So. If you like Absolution, you'll have no problem with these. If you hate Matt Bellamy's voice but you like the uber-drama of Muse's instruments, you may have fun with this. Cutting the vocals reminds you how dense the music is, how over-the-top it is, and how fun it is.
So my neighbor is insisting that all I do is listen to techno. . . I'm not sure why? I listened to a lot of Rancid last night and a lot of fucking Romantic classical music. . . I guess that's kinda like techno. . . you know those Russians.

edit: Oh man, it's getting late. I just wikipedia'd "Pi-yu" instead of "Puyi." I'm not culturally insensitive. Wo hen lei. (Okay, it is kinda funny though, in a Shanghai Noon kind of way.)

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Jim said...

It's kinda funny in a I-shouldn't-really-laugh way to watch you go into meltdown B. I promise not to wave around any shiny objects for the next week or so. I'll send Declarative Dog round too, he'll keep you in line by saying things like "if you don't make a proper study plan, you'll end up like Jim" and "going into meltdown builds character". He's a bit of a dick sometimes. I'd send the cat & rabbit, but their line of questioning would just cause further disctraction.


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