Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Young Indy Countdown: The Last Crusade OST

It doesn't get much better than that.

Okay, we're wrapping up the countdown on the day Lucas finally releases Young Indy on DVD, though I'll be waiting a few days for amazon to get them out. . .

Last Crusade. What to say? This soundtrack is one of the most stirring Williams scores. The themes in this, the grail theme, the Jones themes, are all built around the same touching quality of warmth an that the film has as it explores the Sr/Jr relationship. There's a complexity in "Keeping up with the Joneses" as different themes are layered and explored that counts among Williams' best. The Nazi Theme used throughout, sometimes ominous, other times downright intimidating, and the Grail Theme is noble, with a gorgeous string component. The "Scherzo for Motorcycle & Orchestra" matches the excitement and humor of the corresponding scene, and "Belly of the Steel Beast" is rousing and exciting, tension driven by syncopation and fantastic brass/wind outbursts with sharp percussions. I only wish the CD had the parade music from the book burning ceremony.

Now, if only Sean Connery would stop being a bum and just make an appearance in the 4th film. " I like retirement too much to be a nice guy. I want everyone to remember me going out with a bang- with League of Extraordinary Gentlemen." (As much as a I am guilty of liking that film, I mean, come on. . .) Maybe it's a ploy, and he'll show up for a few minutes. . . and then it'll be the biggest surprise since we learned Vader was Luke's pop. And then all the newspaper reviews will spoil it for everyone. . . Wishful thinking. Enjoy the music.
"I nearly had a heart attack when I learned of Sean Connery's retirement. I'm dreaming up ways to kill off Connery's character in the franchise's fourth installment." (AFI Tribute to Sean Connery - George Lucas)
Oh man, I just figured out how Lucas is gonna squeeze more money out of me. Besides releasing all 4 Indy movies in a box set one day. I bet they're going to re-release the soundtracks in the months leading up to the movies. Ok. Here's what I say: ain't buying the Last Crusade soundtrack without the parade music. Ha! OH man. Good news is that John Williams IS confirmed for Indy 4.
Check out some good quality stills.

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Jim said...

Connery suffers from pretty bad dementia these days, hence the retirement. Shh, you didn't hear that from me though. I've got a friend that works for a newspaper and apparently it's a pretty open secret but no one is meant to comment or report on it. Could all be bollocks right enough, but that's what I'm told.


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