Monday, October 22, 2007

Young Indy Countdown: Temple of Doom OST

John Foster Dulles is my bitch.

Alrighty, the second installation in the Indiana Jones series. This was my favorite when I was a kid (now I don't really favor one, I love em all). I think I've watched it 15 to 20 times. . . I remember watching it at my parents' office when they had to work late. Over and over again.

I'm running off to a Morrissey show, so this is gonna be real quick. This soundtrack's a fun one: the crazy build-up in "Bug Tunnel & Death Trap," the spooky chimes and minor variations throughout, Short Round's theme, "Anything Goes" in unidentifiable Chinese, the love theme that takes what could be saccharine and matches it to the comic Willie-Indy chemistry even while maintaining an old fashioned love theme beauty. . . Enjoy!

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