Friday, August 03, 2007

This is England OST

I saw the trailer for This is England about a month ago and decided to check it out when it came out. The release date was today but I think I'll wait a few weeks to see if it goes into wider release so I don't have to drive down to the Nuart or wherever it is showing to see it. On first look it seems like a British History X/Brighton Rock adjusted for Thatcherian England, centered around themes of hardship and alienation fueling dedication to a certain movement (not to say that the two films portray the same thing), the whole disaffected youth circus, but the reviews I've been reading stress more the coming-of-age aspect and the romanticism and comedy of the film.

So hopefully I'll get to see the film eventually. (For those of you out there who have seen it, would you recommend it?) For the time being, the soundtrack's pedigree and selection is outstanding, as the product description points out:
Set in a grim coastal town in 1983, This Is England is the story of a summertime school holiday, those long weeks between terms where life changing events can take place. Over the course of the summer holiday Shaun finds fresh male role models in the local skinhead scene who take him in. With his new friends, Shaun discovers a world of parties, first love and the joys of Dr Martin boots, the course is set for a rite of passage that will hurl Shaun from innocence to experience. Personally chosen by the film director Shane Meadows, the brilliant soundtrack includes hits from Dexy's Midnight Runners, The Specials and Soft Cell as well as Ska classics from Toots & The Maytals and The Upsetters. Also featured is dialogue clips from the film and a atmospheric score by contemporary composer Ludovico Einaudi. Universal. 2007.
The I'm not all too fond of the Smiths cover; despite the potential for beauty that Smiths covers could achieve thanks to the general quality of Smiths songs, when you cover Morrissey and can't convey that subtle, low-key selfishness, you just ain't cutting it.
On another note, McCrank's Juke, a blog I have quite enjoyed visiting, has come to the end of its run. McCrank has always offered an amazing selection of live sets, B-sides, EPs, and rarities of top quality music, and the archives are still open, so if you've never been over there, make sure to drop by and look around, and leave your comments. McCrank will continue the excellent work as a guest at Sucheon & the Revolutions.


Jim said...

Excellent, excellent film.
Should be required viewing in Brit schools, but boneheads gave it an "18" rating combined with a limited cinema release, so no one will ever see it.
Thankfully it is available to steal on the internet :)

Jim said...

Oh I forgot, pretty excellent soundtrack too. Sadly, I'm now angry at myself for foolishly reading the message boards at imdb again. I really need to stop doing that with films I like. On the plus side, it never fails to make me feel much more intelligent than I did previously.

The Post-Apocalyptic Photographer said...

This was such an incredible film. Thanks for the soundtrack!


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