Sunday, August 12, 2007

Old Glory Insurance/Kooperativa

Hi kids! Sorry about the long lapse in posting. I have been sick with whatever it was I had at the beginning of summer- I ended up going home early from work because I lost my voice and people were starting to look at me funny when I tried to ask them if I could take their picture, so I spent the next week moping around the house, watching too much Law & Order, and baking, in an effort to infect the rest of my family.

Cause of Death in Persons Over 50 Years of Age: Heart Disease, 42% - Robots, 58%

I used to only watch Law & Order: SVU until they turned it into a soap opera. But now, with TNT's mini-L&O marathons, I actually have something to watch during the day when I'm sick. So TNT and shoddy writing on SVU have turned me to the side of the original L&O episodes, where I can get my daily dose of random opening conversations, dry Orbachian humor, and Sam Waterson never smiling or looking or acting remotely happy.

That's probably one of the reasons why SNL's Old Glory Insurance skit is so great. This clip, from 1995, is the famous fake robot insurance ad featuring Sam Waterson, and was made so long ago that 1) I have no idea who the host of this episodes was (Laura Leighton?), and 2) it is actually funny. Make sure to keep an eye out for Sam Waterson trying very hard not to smile.

And check out this real insurance ad from Kooperativa. I left my Czech dictionary at school, though. I have the world's worst Czech dictionary. It doesn't tell me the gender of any of the words.

Coming "tomorrow": 2 fantasy themed posts.

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Anonymous said...

". . . they're made of metal, and robots are strong."
This is EXACTLY why giant robots make me nervous, sometimes - God bless Old Glory Insurance!!
You're gonna have two posts up tomorrow? . . . are you sure you're not running a fever?



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