Thursday, August 30, 2007

Is my Aunt Minnie in here?

I am in merry packing hell right now! but I wanted to take a moment to say thanks, as always, for the comments. I love getting them, as you know, and I love responding just as much, but I wanted to know, for those of you who have blogs, would you rather I respond over here or over at your place or if it doesn't matter at all. I'm not sure what the etiquette is, and I'd hate to be clogging up your comment section with seeming non-sequitors. Also,I will try to get a high-caliber post up with music before I take off on Saturday (morning). But right now, if my luggage/packing was a scene from a Marx Bros movie, it would be this one, but over at my house, it's all without the haha. WATCH IT here on youtube.

Oh-kay: Which do you hate more, packing or unpacking?


ken said...

I think the dreadful anticipation of the whole moving process is the worst - we moved to our li'l farm last week and while it is GREAT to finally be there, the days leading up to the event were just awful. . .I don't really have preference on the response location debate. . .are you taking bets on this promised post making it before you leave, or after you're back east?

Jim said...

I never know what the responding ettiquete is either. If you reply to me over at my place, I'll be sure to see it, whereas if you reply here I'll forget to look for a while, so feel free to carry on with that.

Oh, and that Godzilla thingy up in the corner is ten kinds of cute.


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