Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Inevitable Harry Potter Post

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Ok, here's the quick-n-easy Noise Annoys review of the 7th Harry Potter book, which I finally read.

I. There were 3 characters who weren't allowed to die:
1. Snape
2. Neville
3. Dudley
Snape totally kicked the bucket in a totally lame way but AT LEAST it means Alan Rickman will get some screen time and we were all right that he wasn't a baddie. Whoopee.

II. Harry is incapable of character development/Rowling can't write his character development.

III. Epilogue: Wtf. How awkward was seeing characters 19 years later talking in the exact same way they did during the rest of the books.

IV. High Points:
1. Bellatrix vs Mrs Weasley
2. Snape
3. Neville kills snakey
4. Dudley misses his cuz
Which is to say, Lots of fun to read but better to sum up: JK Rowling has been promising people are gonna die cos Voldy is pure evil so the first beloved thingie to go is THE OWL. Oh god please no??? Then every mystery ever is sorta revealed while Harry shows amazing incompetence (Ministry scenes) and our heroes spend the entire book CAMPING in the forest until they get in the big huge battle at the end with the totally awkward death sequences and then for the epilogue which just tells you that they all got married and had a million annoying, unfortunately named kids.

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Jim said...

No late Kilty McHaggis appearance then?


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