Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Punk Rock Warlord Birthday Party

Happy birthday, Joe.
Review from Graham C Rodger, who says-
Exotic Widescreen Panoramic Music For Lovers And Punks:
Fans of Joe Strummer and The Clash will already be familiar with some of his more romantic and atmospheric musical explorations. Tracks such as "Rebel Waltz" on Sandanista, "Sean Flynn" on Combat Rock, "Sleepwalk" on Earthquake Weather and "Mondo Bongo" on Global-A-Go-Go all share a common vibe - lyrical and beautiful - which is sadly overlooked whenever people write or talk about Joe's music.

. . . It inhabits similar musical and thematic territory to albums such as "Straight To Hell" and "Earthquake Weather", but in my opinion "Walker" is far superior - an overlooked gem.

The music on this CD is mostly instrumental, with Joe providing the vocal on a few tracks, including the wonderful "Unknown Immortal". "Walker" takes us on an exotic journey through Central and South American music, with Joe's passion and rough edges blending perfectly (just as Alex Cox mixes old and new references in the movie - Zippo Lighters, Cadillacs, Vietnam choppers, revolutionaries...) so we end up with a cocktail that is truly satisfying. Special mention must be given to Zander Schloss, whose guitar playing is exceptional throughout.

. . . Listen to this CD on a hot and sultry evening... look up at the stars and remember Joe Strummer.
And for your viewing pleasure, my two favorites: Straight to Hell (here, with the Mescaleros) and Johnny Appleseed (Hellcat records vid).

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