Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday Night Blah

I requested work off tonight because the little sister is leaving for her freshman year of college tomorrow, so we went out to dinner and now we're back. I'm doing a few things right now: wandering around the house in pajama pants and a choir hoodie; watching the little sister run around frantically doing all her last minute packing; watching the game; muttering Oh Juan Pierre, cos I love to see him bopping around each base cos he just can't wait to steal second, and all of that in his cute knee-high blue socks; doing all this stiffly because I did something weird to my back two days ago. I know, first a cold, and now I'm throwing out my back. I think I did it while doing something very silly. I'll let you figure out what, with three hints: I have taken bellydancing lessons (fun, highly recommend it), my teacher had a buncha tattoos and a car with a Social D and Bad Religion bumper stickers, and I was watching Law & Order when I hurt my back. Doesn't make sense to me, either.

Here's a quick Dinah Shore post. Have a fun Friday and a lovely weekend.
Thanks to Lil C for the link! Don't forget to scroll down and share your favorite Princess Bride moment, and as always, a big thanks to the two champs who already have (you know who you are).

1 comment:

Jim said...

Free things are great! The band weren't all that good though.
I'm used to giggling like a fool on trains & buses, usually some comedy pops up on my MP3 player at the most innapropriate moments, making me burst out laughing and then being stared at by everyone else around me.
There's all sorts of comments I could make about the bellydancing lesons, but I'll be a good boy and keep my mouth shut I think :)


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